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Diwali Cleaning – 10 Amazing Tips For Sparkling Clean Home

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Read on for 10 amazing Diwali cleaning tips to get a sparkling clean home.

Diwali is all about brightly lit streets, guilt-free sweets, and festive vibes. It is India’s most anticipated festival, but with it comes the pressure of getting your home ready for Diwali.

Diwali is a time when Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are worshipped, according to Indian tradition. People pray to these gods for prosperity and wealth in their lives and homes, as they have close ties to happiness and wealth (Shubh Labh). Diwali cleaning is a must as the gods only visit clean homes.

10 Amazing Diwali Cleaning Tips

Diwali cleaning

1. Get Diwali cleaning started as soon as possible

It is difficult to clean a whole house. Cleaning a house is not about cleaning one room. This is about cleaning the entire house, from the kitchen to the bedroom, the living area to the puja room. It is possible to accomplish this task without feeling exhausted by dividing it into two or three separate sessions. You can clean the bathroom one day and then do the kitchen cleaning the next day. You can clean your bedroom and living room in one day, and then you can do the final touches to complete cleaning on another day.

It is important to plan it in a calendar and stick to it. We may make mistakes if we try to complete everything in the last hour. If you have the time and energy, you can clean your home yourself with care and welcome Goddess Kali or Goddess Lakshmi to your home.

2. De-Clutter

Clear out the clutter in your home before you clean it for Diwali. Get rid of any items that you haven’t used in two years or those you feel have a special purpose. Your home will look messy and untidy if you have too many unwanted or unnecessary items lying around.

You will soon realize that you have many things you don’t want in your home, but they are still there. Also, include old makeup products and clothes when de-cluttering. It is important to get rid of these items. They can be donated, sold, or thrown away.

3. Clean the Floor

To clean your floors, you can use vacuum cleaners or sweepers as well as brooms and old, torn clothes. You can use any of the available bathroom cleaners to clean the floors. Baking soda can also be used.

4. Clean the Bedroom

Move all furniture out and dust the walls and roof. All fabrics must be washed, including pillows and cushion covers, duvets/bedspreads, rugs, and curtains. Use a disinfectant to clean every surface. Use a soft cloth or an old newspaper to clean all glass surfaces.

Diwali cleaning

Windowpanes and doors should also be cleaned. Leave your mattress, pillow, and cushion fillers out and let them dry in the sun for a whole day. This will help to remove dust mites if they are present.

Clear out all clothing in your closet, and then wipe it clean. You can make three piles: wear, repair, and donate. After you’re done organizing the piles, go back to the wear category and organize the clothing color-wise and occasion-wise.

Donate any clothes you don’t wear anymore or don’t fit in your wardrobe. To keep mites away, you can use camphor balls or naphthalene in your wardrobe after you have finished cleaning.

5. Polish brass ornaments

Brass is beautiful, but it tarnishes quickly. Use a mixture of vinegar (1/2 cup), salt (1 teaspoon), or flour to clean brass lamps, vases, and idols. You can also use a chemical cleaner such as Brasso.

6. Clear out candleholders and glass lamps

Take out any wicks and old candles from candleholders. You can remove any wax residue from the edges with a knife or a blade. Let the holder sit for at least two hours before adding hot water.

You can easily remove any remaining wax by pouring hot water into the holder. To remove other stains, use warm water and detergents. Drain the water from glassware and dry it upside down using tissue paper or cloth.

7. Diwali Kitchen Cleaning

You need to plan ahead when cleaning your kitchen. There are many things that cannot be done in one day: fancy crockery and chimneys, as well as kitchen tiles. It is better to divide the job so it can be completed quickly.

Start by getting rid of old and expired ingredients and equipment you no longer use. Next, clean the boxes and racks. Then, wash the dishes and bowls. Use hooks, organizers, and shelves to store mugs, cups, and crockery. Take everything out and scrub it using vinegar and a cloth to clean your fridge.

8. Bathroom

Diwali Cleaning - 10 Amazing Tips For Sparkling Clean Home 4

Take out everything removable, like soaps, scrubs, shampoos, body washes, buckets, etc. Start by cleaning the shelves with a liquid cleaner. Use toilet cleaner on the insides of the toilet and let it sit. Clean the mirrors, basin, shower head, and taps. And lastly, scrub the floor using a disinfectant and use a bleaching powder, if necessary.

9. Curtains & covers

After you have finished cleaning your bathroom, it is time to wash clothes such as a curtain, bedsheet, pillow cover, and sofa cover. It is easy. This is the only thing you need to remember: don’t wash everything together.

Divide them: Wash the curtains first, then the sofa covers and the rest of the items on the second day. You can then create your own washing routine and wash the items. You can decorate your home with decorative lights, starry lights, and after you have cleaned everything.

10. Remember the exterior of your house

While the house interiors may be clean and tidy, the exteriors will make a first impression on your guests. Don’t forget to clean your exterior walls. If your exterior house walls need repairing or waterproofing, don’t ignore this. You can also paint the exterior wall of your house as paint gives your home a rich, soft sheen that will enhance its beauty.

The final touch

After you have finished cleaning your home, get out your Diwali decorations. Bright lights are believed to bring happiness and prosperity. Use candles to brighten the corners and hang lanterns and lights on windows and doors.

Use brass utensils to create low centerpieces for a bright and colorful arrangement. You can also place flowers or floating candles in their place. Fresh flowers can create a positive atmosphere in your home.

For elegant decor, place the flowers in a vase or make a flower rangoli. The house decoration should not only be visual but also stimulate the sense of smell. Aromatherapy candles, incense, and room spray diffusers can make your house smell great.

Cleaning your home for Diwali can be stressful. These tips will help you give your home a thorough clean and let you get into the festive spirit.

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