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“WHAT’S NEXT?” after a crucial milestones in education all of encounter this question at a point of life.  After 10th/ After 12th/ After Graduation, these three stages are the most important and sensitive turns in one’s career life. Often students get confused at this stage of choosing a right path for their career.

Career Counseling can help to make a right decision for your career. Although many times people around them give advice to them, they still have so many questions in their mind whose answer they can’t find. Many times students go out on the wrong path due to confusion or on the advice of their elder, which results in getting bored for their career in very short time. To overcome this confusion by the students, it is advisable to seek help from a Career Counselor or Specialist.

Get answer of your every question by booking an appointment with Best Career Counselor in Hisar, Dr. Neha Mehta. Consulting a Career Counselor on time helps to get rid out of your conflicts and setting right goals for their bright future. Human capacities and capabilities are infinite, hence it is very difficult to measure and judge a person’s interest. Each and every person has his/her unique attributes, every persons has his/her own strengths and weakness.

Career Counseling is a key to identify these unique qualities in a person. We can say that Career Counseling is a process of organizing an individual’s thoughts and ideas in order to choose a right career path. Dr. Neha Mehta, Career Counselor in Hisar providing Career Counseling in Hisar at My Fit Brain Clinic. She helps her client (student) to boost up their moral and confidence, in order to give new directions to his/her career which will be beneficial for an individual’s bright future.


There are so many career guidance providers but they are not a professional Career Counselors. Dr.Neha Mehta, Career Counselor in Hisar at MY FIT BRAIN is facilitating her clients to figure out “Who they are?” and “What they want from their education, career and life?” Career Counselors endorses an individual’s interests, talents, perspectives and skills and advise them a right path to their shinning future. She has conducted about 1000+ Seminars on Career Development in various educational institutions and universities of Haryana and Delhi NCR’s.

Dr. Neha conducts some special aptitude tests of intermediate level students, on the basis of which the students get an opportunity to know their talents and qualities. She not only furnish students with the counseling, they also meet outside parties such as; business owners, parents, teachers and school administrators. Career counselors; may be teachers or professionals plays a very crucial role in providing guidance on what career to choose. Dr.Neha Mehta eases her clients with a comfortable environment, so that the client can talk about his/her thoughts, ideas, feelings and concerns about their career and education choices without any hesitation and help them to sort out, organize and become compatible of their thoughts and ideas.

Our Career Counselor in Hisar not only guides you about the right career path, but also supervises you with entrance exam selections, preparation approaches, goals & objective settings and everything else required to bring you closer to your desired and deserved career. Dr Neha Mehta assists her client to identify each and every factor that can influence their career development which will help them to assess their interests, abilities and value. According to research, one of the most crucial factors that influence our career development is our “MENTAL HEALTH”. If you are mentally weak or disturbed you will not able to concentrate at your ongoing working, which leads to poor performance and degrades your career development. You can book an appointment with Best Psychologist in Hisar Dr. Neha Mehta.

 Dr. Neha is not only assisting Career counseling in Hisar but she is also providing a platform to create your bright future in field of psychology. She is carving the students of psychology by furnishing them with her “INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME” at MY FIT BRAIN, HISAR. She also is providing online internship classes to the students who are not able to visit her at clinic.

Call for appointment: 9050232637

Address: My Fit Brain, Opp Civil Hospital, Sirsa Road, Hisar


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