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Best Psychologist in Pune

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Why you should avail the services of Best Psychologist in Pune

One of the gravest issues that plagues Indian society, our society!!, my society in general is whom to trust!! Especially when the issue is psychological. They often find themself been ill advised by so called gurue who might be doing more damage then they advertise otherwise!!.

As a licensed clinical psychologist I urge the people to see reason in asking for help from the person who is well qualified for issues related to child & adult Psychologist & have invested over a decade of their lives to study & earn their Doctorate for the same.

So if you are still looking for one of the Best Psychologist in Pune, please read on

For those who are skeptical of going to a Psychologist it is important for them to understand what, Why & how about Psychology & why they should consider the service of one if they need it. To put it all in a nutshell there are two major categories of wounds that a person can obtain during their lifetime, one is physical & other Psychological.

The former is mostly visible, the later can only be observed & requires trained eyes, this is where  Psychologist  comes into play, & for the very same reason why most people don’t know what to do & whom to ask about it. but what makes the situation even worse is the fact that there are even people who claim to be Trained Psychologists but in reality they are not.

Our team of highly trained and experienced counselors however use well researched, evidenced based approaches to therapy What makes us different is the fact that we offer plethora of services ranging from Couple Counseling, Relationship Counseling dealing with Depression, anxiety & all garden variety of physiological issue that comes with being human & there child. If you are still interested & looking for a Best Psychologist in Pune then Email Dr. Neha Mehta or for a free phone consultation call 9728732637.


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