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7 Myths About Girl’s Periods

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Say no to ignorance. Girl’s periods are one of the most taboo topics discussed in our society. Sometimes when you try to bring up the topic of periods, people tend to get uncomfortable, chased or don’t want to talk about it. It’s time we end the silence and start talking about periods and related menstruation myths and the Truth behind Girl’s Periods because it’s not just women who menstruate and struggle with their periods – our brothers, fathers, male friends and male cousins also do. Let us know a few Myths About Girl’s Menstruation here – 

7 Myths About Girl’s Periods


1. Myth:

You can’t get pregnant during your periods.


Sperm can live in the reproductive tract for up to five days, so if you have sex on your period and ovulate later that month, you could become pregnant. Experts recommend using an additional form of birth control (such as condoms) during your fertile days every month. You should always be aware of the methods to avoid pregnancy after unprotected sex.

2. Myth:

You shouldn’t exercise during your period because it will make you bleed more heavily.


While some women might experience a little bit more discomfort when they work out on their period, it doesn’t increase blood flow significantly enough to be dangerous or cause any long-term problems (i.e., it doesn’t cause anemia). The real Fact regarding Girls’ Periods is that regular exercise, as well as morning meditation, is beneficial for many women with menstrual issues like PMS and endometriosis—it can help relieve cramps and mood swings as well as reduce bloating by helping you lose weight overall (which also makes your flow lighter). There are many benefits of morning meditation one of them is it makes you relaxed during your periods.

3. Myth:

You can’t go swimming or take a shower when you’re on your period.  



Showers aren’t off-limits just because you’re menstruating, but it’s always good to keep an eye on how much water is going in and out of your body when bleeding. Swimming can be fine, too — as long as you don’t have an infection like an STI (sexually transmitted infection) or urinary tract infection (UTI). If there’s any chance that you might have one of those infections, swim at your own risk.

4. Myth

You Shouldn’t Eat Meat During Your Period


A popular myth is that women shouldn’t eat meat during their period, because it will make them bloated or gain weight. But there’s no scientific evidence to support this claim. One of the major reasons of having repeated mood swings could be your periods that would not make you feel like eating So, there’s no scientific reason that supports the above-mentioned statement. You can eat whatever you want. Many women find that they have a better appetite during PMS and their periods, which is why many women feel hungrier when they’re on the Pill or have started taking the mini-pill.


5. Myth:

You can’t have sex during your period because it will hurt too much.


It’s possible to have sex during your period because the vagina produces lubrication (similar to what happens when a woman is sexually aroused). However, some women do find that penetration during their period can be painful so it’s best to discuss this with your partner before having sex on your period and use a condom as protection against STIs and pregnancy if needed. So, this is the actual truth behind Girl’s Periods concerning the myth that you can’t have sex during your menstrual days. If you are still doubtful go for sex counselling and therapy. 

6. Myth

You should avoid caffeine during menstruation (and all other days too!)


Caffeine can help stabilize moods and fight fatigue during PMS and menstruation woes (which is why we often crave it during those times). However, it is important to note that certain women experience headaches or migraines when they have caffeine during their period; if this happens to you, cut back on the coffee/tea/energy drinks to see if it helps manage symptoms better. Check out more Facts about Girl’s Menstruation to know about it in a better way.


7. Myth:

Women who have their periods are unclean.



Women go through a lot of changes during their monthly cycles. It’s natural for blood to come out of our bodies every month as part of this process, but there’s nothing dirty or unclean about it! We’re at our cleanest when we’re on our periods because we have fewer bacteria in our vaginas than at other times in our cycle due to lower levels of estrogen. So, keep this Fact regarding Girl’s Periods in mind. So, if you hear something saying the above-mentioned Myths about Girl’s Menstruation, you can make it clear there itself.


The fact is that for the majority of young women, menstruation is not a problem, and it should not be treated as one. Having cramps is unpleasant, but they are far from incapacitating. Furthermore, periods are a signifier of youth and health in a culture, especially in Western culture, where aging means decline and decay. Any pain or embarrassment related to menstruation is outweighed by all the joy that comes with being a woman. And while some conditions might necessitate medical treatment, it can be frustrating when girls and women feel like they must treat their periods as illnesses just to get people to pay attention to them. With these, I hope you are clear with the Facts about Girl’s Menstruation.

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