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How To Know If Therapy Is Working | 8 Signs Your Therapy Is Working

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Do you want to know how does therapy work and how to know if therapy is working or not? Willing to know all about therapy? You are welcome here! We will tell you all that you need to know about therapy. Therapy is basically the treatment of the behavioral, mental, and psychological concerns affecting you or anyone using communication and other solutions with the help of an expert. There are many aspects of therapy. With therapy to find a new side to yourself and discover calm and peace within yourself. Here we will concentrate on some major factors. First, let us tell you about the benefits of therapy.

Benefits of Therapy

Benefits of Therapy

Therapy has become a major taboo in society but it is not so. Seeking a therapist to overcome certain mental and behavioral patterns is very normal. Here we are listing more of the key benefits of therapy that might make you think that you must not back out from having therapy.

1. Improves Communication Skills

One of the major benefits of taking therapy sessions is that you become open and less conservative. You speak about what you have in mind and interact more with people. You will no longer be fearful about talking to people.

2. Help You Cope With Mental Issues

Talking to a therapist proves to be the greatest relief. A therapist doesn’t tell you the solutions but lets you discover them yourself. Therapy makes you understand your issue and helps you in discovering ways to cope with mental issues.

3. Improves Your Relationships With Other People

Yet another major benefit of therapy is that it helps you in improving your relationships with others. With therapy, you can understand yourself and people near you which contributes to building strong bonds.

4. You Feel Happy

The overwhelming feeling of hopelessness, worthlessness is eradicated with the help of therapy. It makes you more joyful, happier, delighted, and cheerful. The result of therapy is that you are more lively than before.

Do You Need a Therapist? Signs When You Should See One

Do You Need a Therapist? Signs When You Should See One

Though we are aware of the benefits of therapy and what it is all about, still there are times when we are unable to recognize or know what is the right time to see a therapist. Here we will be telling you about signs when to see a therapist.

1. Constant Feeling of Helplessness

The feeling of helplessness is one of the main signs to see a therapist. Having the constant feeling of helplessness and worthlessness without any significant reason is a hint that you must seek a therapist.

2. Low Concentration

Another main trait or sign of when to see a therapist is having a low concentration in every task you do, even if it is your favorite. It is not only for a short period but if you have been experiencing it for a long time then you must see a therapist.

3. Use of Drugs or Other Substances

If you are extensively using drugs, alcohol, or any other harmful substance, then seeing a therapist is the best solution. The addiction to such substances is not easy to let go and in such cases, therapists can do wonders.

4. Aggressiveness in Nature

Aggressiveness in Nature

Anger is normal human emotion. Everyone expresses anger in their lifetime but when aggressiveness becomes a habit and part of daily life then you must know it is not usual and it is the time that you take the help of a therapist for anger management.

5. Withdrawal From Society

Humans are part of society and love to socialize but if you see yourself withdrawing or isolating yourself from friends, family, or social gatherings, understand this is not common and you must consult a therapist.

6. Facing Any Mental Issue

Yet another reason that you pay a visit to a therapist is if you are facing any mental issues. Many times you spend most of the time in stress, anxiety, or depression. Having a little bit of stress is not an issue but if it is becoming permanent then this is a hint and treatment for depression or anxiety is also important.

7. Constant Worrying

Worry is a non-removable part of our life. But just like stress or anxiety if it persists for long and is deteriorating your health then this is not something you should take lightly. Take the help of a therapist before things get worse.

How Does Therapy Work?

How Does Therapy Work

Now when you are aware of how beneficial therapy is and when you should seek a therapist, we will tell you about how does therapy work. There are four steps in which we will tell you how to know if therapy is working. Here we go.

1. Speak Out Problems

The first stage or initial step in therapy is that you talk to your therapist. They listen to you and understand your problems.

2. Work on Finding Solutions

After knowing all your problems, therapists help you to seek some solutions. They don’t give you solutions but let you find them on your own. They just guide you out and help you.

3. Implementation of The Solutions

The next step in therapy is the implementation of the solutions. Implementation of the solution is not easy, there are times you will feel like giving up but later you will change in yourself.

4. Seeing The Changes

The last stage is when you see the change in yourself. Here you receive the reward of your long-term patience and hard work. This is the last step in therapy. If you ask how long does therapy take to work, the answer will be simple as it has no particular time period.

8 Signs Your Therapy is Working or Not?

Signs of Therapy is Working or Not

Therapy is a long-term process and you can not tell how long does therapy take to work, you won’t see the results in seconds or days but it requires patience, hard work, and determination to reach the end of the process. Many of you keep worrying about how to know if therapy is working or not? In the initial stages, all feel that the therapy isn’t working but this isn’t the truth. Here we are going to tell you about some of the signs that will help you know whether your therapy is working or not.

1. Comfortability in Every Situation

Many of you before therapy at times aren’t comfortable in many situations or meeting people. There is always a constant feeling of fear. If you find yourself being comfortable meeting people or in any situation in which you were not comfortable before. This is a sign that your therapy is working and in a progressive manner.

2. Awareness of Your Triggers

Another biggest hint of recognizing whether your therapy is working or not is that now you can recognize your triggers. You can know what makes you angry, depressed, sad, or uncomfortable. This helps you to do that and improve in depression and your health. 

3. Ability to Face the Past

Many are unable to face their past. Might be any of you would have gone through a mental trauma that still haunts you. If during therapy you find yourself able to face your past with any fear, shame, or judging yourself. Then it is a positive sign that your therapy is working in the right direction.

4. Increase in Self-Understanding

Increase in Self-Understanding

With the help of therapy you’re able to understand yourself much better than before and also it helps you understand your relations and other people as well. Now you can understand others’ situations and their actions. It means there are positive changes and the therapy is working. Download our free E-Book and get tips about “How to Understand Yourself and Other People.”

5. You Know Your Issue And Seek Help For The Same

With the progression of therapy sessions, if you find yourself recognizing your problems and knowing that you need help symbolizes that the path of your therapy is correct. Here you find yourself able to find your help triggers and tell the therapist the exact issue you are facing and seek recommendation.

6. Initiation of Self-Help

Initiation of self-help means that you are helping yourself by leaving your past behind. If during the course of therapy you find yourself letting go of people who don’t understand you or you are giving yourself more important than others then it is a sign that the therapy is working.

7. Honoring the Needs

Honoring the needs depicts the fact that you are valuing yourself and considering yourself worthless. You no longer neglect your needs and work upon fulfilling them. You can see your needs are valuable and more important than any other thing. For example, if you move out when you feel like and fulfill your other wishes. This is how therapy works.

8. Having Faith in Yourself

Having Faith in Yourself

yet another trait of recognizing that your therapy is working is when you find yourself having faith and expressing optimism about your recovery. You love yourself and show a positive attitude about your health. Here you show trust and believe that you will be recovering soon and express gratitude to yourself.


Seeking a therapist is not abnormal, it all lies in our minds. Just like we eat food to make our bodywork, apply medicines to wounds, therapy provides relief to our minds. If you feel you need help, you should not hesitate to visit a therapist as the longer you are by yourself the more you harm yourself. Therapy does not do magic but it helps you recognize your issue and work on it to uproot it totally and live a healthy, happy, and lively life. So, we hope you find this information about how to know if therapy is working useful and helpful.

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