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Career Counselling Career in India | 4 Steps To Become Career Counsellor In India

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What is Career Counselling Career in India? Business World reports found a deficiency in India’s career counseling field. India doesn’t consider career counselors to be a distinguished profession.

Students should be able to choose their own career path without any assistance. It is important to know the opportunities for your career, but a qualified career counselor can help you make the right decisions. Time is a valuable resource in matters of career. Making the right career decisions at the right moment can open up a world of possibilities.

Are you a person who wants to help students find the right career path?

What is career counseling?

Counseling is a wide-ranging field that helps people. It aims to improve their mental health and well being. There are many types of counseling available that address different areas of an individual’s lives, including Marriage and Family Counseling and Rehabilitation Counselling and Mental Health Counselling and Substance Abuse Counselling and Guidance and Job Counselling.

career counselling career in India

Counseling that focuses on career counseling is a field of counseling that helps individuals to find the right career path. Career counseling provides guidance from professionals who provide expert advice about the potential, aptitude, motivations, and weaknesses of the individual. They use carefully designed assessment tools to do this. These tools can be used to assess subjective and objective factors. Career counselors assist individuals in setting their career goals after carefully analyzing their interests and aptitudes.

Career counselling is an active process. Counsellors may ask candidates to take written tests and workshops. The counselling session ends with the candidate having all the information and clarity he/she needs to make the right career decisions.

How to become a Career Counsellor?

The importance of career counselors is diminished by the belief that anyone can be a career advisor from any stream. Despite this common belief, many students miss out on career opportunities due to insufficient counselling. Do you have the skills and ability to counsel people? Career counselling is for you.

There is an increasing demand for career counselors in India. The situation is being recognized by educational institutes who are now willing to establish a separate counselling unit at schools and colleges. Currently, 93% Indian schools do not have career counsellors who are trained in this field to assist students in making the right career decisions.

You can complete a professional career counseling course to become a career counselor in India. The program will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to do the job, and also provide you the accreditation of a career counselor.

Step 1 – Choose any stream at plus two levels

Students are allowed to take any stream at plus 2 level. A good score is a prerequisite for admission to UG level.

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Career Counselling Career in India | 4 Steps To Become Career Counsellor In India 4

Step 2 – Get a Bachelor’s Degree in any subject

A bachelor’s degree is required for students who want to become career counselors. However, a graduate in psychology or another related field will be very helpful. Students must also put in effort to learn about other career fields. They will benefit from improving their presentation and language skills.

Step 3 – Get Post Graduate in Counselling Psychology

You can complete UG and then go on to a two-year Msc Counseling Psychology. This will give you an overview of counseling and psychology. Admission to the master’s program will be determined based on merit or entrance.

Step 4 – Ph.D.

You can pursue a Master’s degree in counseling psychology and then go on to do a M.Phil or PhD. The MPhil will last between 1 and 2 years, while the PhD will take at least 3 years.

What Are the Different Types Of Career Counsellors?

Counselling is a broad field. There are many types of counsellors: mental health counselors, health advisors and financial advisors. One area of student counselling is career counselling. Some schools may offer student counseling. Many schools in India do not currently have career counselors or teachers who are trained in this area. This is changing rapidly, as schools are creating career counseling units in schools and hiring counselors from outside companies.

In the domain, there are career counselors for schools, colleges and institutions, career counsellors for HR sector, career counsellors for industry and vertical-specific careers, and independent career advisors.

Why is Career Counselling Important? Career Counselling Career in India

Through their skills and knowledge, career counsellors can help students and potential candidates choose the right career path. The job market is dynamic. Industry demands are constantly changing. Career counsellors help students learn by mapping the changes. As important as the teaching profession, career counselling is also vital for students.

The majority of us make random career decisions by listening to our friends, parents, and society. These decisions influence a large part of our lives. Don’t you think it is important to make informed decisions when making life-changing decisions?

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Career Counselling Career in India | 4 Steps To Become Career Counsellor In India 5

To make the right career decision, a person requires career counseling. Each student is unique in their abilities and talents. Career decision-making does not happen once in a person’s life. It is a continual process that can occur at any age. A career counselor can help students and professionals tap their potential.

It is essential to have effective career counseling in India. This facilitates career preparation.

The right career guidance can make it possible for many people to live the life they dream of.

Did you know?

The workplace is where students spend most of their adult lives. The most important decision in a student’s life is their career choice. There is no clear line between a happy or sad career. Make wise decisions. This is where career counselling and effective career planning in India come into play.

A career counselor can help you choose the right career path by combining information from your psychometric tests and career information. The career counselor must have the skills and knowledge to assist the individual in identifying their talents, interests, and aptitudes. The career counselor must be able to not only take the tests but also interpret the career report.

Students can learn more about by participating in the counselling process.

  • Courses offered in India and overseas after completion of 10+2
  • Admissions process and eligibility criteria
  • Common entrance tests and aptitude tests
  • These colleges offer job opportunities and placement.
  • Vocational and Skilling Courses after 10+2
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities after 10+2

Schools have the option to share all information during career counselling workshops and in the career counselling library. A Career Advisory Cell can post important deadlines and messages to students on bulletin boards or online boards. The Career Counselling Cell monitors the industry continuously and can provide guidance services for students to help them make informed decisions.

How can you become a Career Counsellor in India?

If you are interested in counselling, anyone can become a career adviser. You can become a teacher, or any other profession. An accredited career counseling program can be combined with your basic education.

It is a good idea to have a background in psychology. Understanding psychology can help you align your job interests with your candidate profile. The key to matching your career and profile is psychometric mapping. To be able to do career counseling, you can take up programs in computer and human resources.

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