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Autism is a broad term used to describe a group of neurodevelopmental disorders. These disorders are characterized by problems with communication and social interaction. People with autism often demonstrate restricted, repetitive and stereotyped interests, or pattern of behavior.

Symptoms of Autism:

  • Autism symptoms typically become clearly evident during early childhood between 12 and 24 months of age.
  • Early symptoms may include a marked delay in language or social development.
  • Difficulties sharing emotions, interests.
  • Issues with non-verbal communication such as trouble maintain eye contact or reading body language.
  • Repetitive movements, motions or speech patterns.

How is Autism Treated?

Therapies and other treatment considerations can help people feel better or alleviate their symptoms. Many treatment approaches involve therapies such as:

  • Behavioral Therapy:

This type of therapy uses rewards to reinforce positive behavior and teach new skills. The goal of this therapy is based on the individuals. Autism Treatment Provider in Hisar works with this therapy having a great concern about, communication, social skills, personal care and school work of a child. This therapy breaks a desired behavior into the simple steps.

Autism Counselor in Hisar provides Social Skills Classes with aim to improve how a child interacts socially and forms bond with others. This usually means learning through role playing or practice. Autism Therapist in Hisar provides two types of Behavioral Therapy for autism kids.

  • Applied Behavior Analysis is the most researched intervention for autism, it is highly structured, scientific approach that teaches play, communication, and self-care, academic and social living skills and reduces problematic behavior.
  • Verbal Behavior Therapy is a type of applied behavior therapy teaches non-verbal children how to communicate purposefully. Verbal Behavioral Therapy seeks to move children beyond labeling, a first step of learning language and gesturing to vocalizing their requests.
  • Play Therapy:

Children with autism may play differently than other kids. Autism Treatment Provider in Hisar tells us that kid with autism likely focuses on parts of toy (like wheels or light) rather than the entire toy. Also many children with autism playing is the way they express themselves their toys and actions may become their words. So, Play Therapy can help children to learn and connect with other people, in a format that they understand.

According to research by Autism Therapist in Hisar, Play therapy can improve autistic child’s social and emotional skills, and help them think in different ways, increase their language or communication skills and expand the ways they play with toys and relate to other people.

  • Floor Time

One common Play Therapy provided by Autism Experts in Hisar is Floor Time, in which therapist gets down on the floor to play with your child on his terms. They join in by playing the same way that your child is playing, and then add something to the game. This helps the child to grow emotionally and learn how to better focus his thinking.

  • Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy help children with autism to get better at everyday tasks, like learning to button a shirt or hold a fork properly. But it can involve anything related to school, work or play. The focus of this therapy depends on the child’s needs and goals.

  • Speech Therapy

Speech Therapist in Hisar believes that Speech Therapy helps children with speaking, as well as communicating and interacting with people. It can involve non-verbal skills, like making eye contact, taking turns in a conversation, using and understanding gestures. Speech Therapist in Hisar might also teach kids to express themselves using picture symbols, sign language or computers.

  • Social Skills Training

Social Skills Training is of the best way used by Child Psychologist in Hisar, especially of autistic kids in order to develop social skills in them. It seems to be very difficult for an autistic kid to maintain interaction with others. Under Social Skills Training kids may learn about basic social skills, including how to communicate, interact with others, understanding humors or read emotional cues.

  • Medications

There aren’t any medications specially designed to treat autism. However, served medications used for conditions that may occur with autism might help with certain symptoms.

Some newer antipsychotics medications may help with aggression, self harm and behavioral problems in both children and adults with autism.

According to Autism Expert in Hisar, Some people with autism also have epilepsy. So antiseizure medications are sometimes prescribed.

  • Nutrition

An expert doesn’t recommend any specific diets for children with autism spectrum disorder, but getting a proper balanced diet is important. According to research by Autism Treatment Provider, shows that children with autism tend to have thinner bones than other kids. Restricting access to bone building foods, such as dairy products, can make it even harder for their bone to grow strong, working with a health care provider can help ensure that children who are on special diets still get the bone building and other nutrients they need.


My Fit Brain, Clinic in Hisar providing the Best Child Psychologist dealing with kids suffering from autism. Also, My Fit Brain is providing home care for autistic children. Therapies and other treatment consideration can help children to feel better and alleviate the symptoms of Autism.

Autism Treatment Experts at My Fit Brain are providing Behavioral Therapy to reinforce positive behaviors in kids. Also My Fit Brain offers Play Therapy for autistic kids to overcome the symptoms of autism in kids, as play therapy is proven as the best therapy for treating autism in kids. Play Therapy by Child Psychologist, Dr. Neha also helps kids to develop social skills while interacting with other people or kids.

Autism Treatment Expert, Dr. Mehta also facilitate kids with autism with Occupational Therapy, which help kids to make themselves better in day to day tasks, school, work or play. Speech Therapy is also provided by Expert Speech Therapists at My Fit Brain helps autistic kids with speaking abilities, as well as communicating and interacting with others.

Dr. Neha Mehta calmly deals with the kids and also provides home care for autistic kids.


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