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Is Suicide Justified? How to Deal with Suicides

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We all know that suicide is not a solution to any problems but we almost see that people commit suicide, especially at a younger age. People know that suicide is not their solution or suicide will not work for them still they choose this as a last option. So here we discuss the term suicide from various points of view. Most people have a question of whether is suicide justified, so I want to say that if you want a one-word answer then it’s a big NO but if you are going through a hard time with all four sides of life then this solution may also nock in your mind too. We are here to discuss how to deal with suicide in all phases of life from which you may be able to keep your mind calm in tough phases of your life. It is necessary to help someone who is suicidal.

Suicidal Situation

Life is tough for everyone unless you learn to enjoy your bad times too. 

1. Relationship Issue


This is a common problem for every age, people think that it’s only a matter at a young age but it is also a big issue for older people too. Relationships are one thing that helps people to stay happy and sad at the same time. I mean to say that if your partner is good to you then you have a chance to live happy and enjoyable after a tough day too but if your partner doesn’t support you in your bad time then this will have a very bad effect on you, especially in your tough phases of life. Many people commit suicide because of their girlfriend-boyfriend or husband-wife because the relationship from which they want support gives the tension and people are not able to handle it.

2. Job Lost

If you are working in a company and you worked so hard to get in a good position but still the company fires you then your heart and brain both will break and you may become mentally depressed. Career and financial position also play an important role in suicide if you are not able to earn money then your society will also say anything in your front from which you may face the severe problem. Job is not the only thing you can do anything for earnings like you can help people to know how to deal with a suicidal death like a business.

3. Family Problem

Family are the hidden supporters which we all have but didn’t realize at the right time and commit mistakes rather than take help from them. Family may be the reason for someone to commit suicide, not every family is like a nuclear family but if you understand your family then you will realize the importance of family. Maybe someone uses harsh words and you will get down but their words are good for you. If you are going through a tough time then you can also take the help of professional family counseling and take time to spend time with your family you will forget your problem and it will help you to relax.

4. Name and Fame


Money is not everything, yes for some kinds of people it is true and Fame and respect are more important than anything else. They will be ready to do anything for their name and e kinds of people. If they get down in front of the public then they may not be able to handle that situation. If you are getting names then you may be down some days because all days are not equal. So you have to understand that it’s ok to be down some days and in that situation learn to accept things.

Is Suicide Justified?

As I discussed earlier, it depends on the situation and your mental health. If you are strong enough to handle the ups and downs of your life then it’s easy for you to live happily. Suicide is not justified because people take it as a last option but this is not the last option. Sometimes, in some crucial times people think that it’s the only option but never take it as an option. Sometimes you have to give up things, sometimes you have to give up on a situation but don’t give up your life because they will not come again and you will not rectify your mistake. People suggest that never give up but I think it’s okay to give up sometimes because you have a chance to do something else, something better as you have many options to do. So don’t waste your life and don’t take suicide as a last on an only option. Try to understand suicidal signs and know how to help someone who is suicidal and help out your loved ones before things get out of hand. Teenagers also commit suicide so as a guardian we must learn our boys and girl how to deal with teenage suicides and we have to learn how to deal with suicidal teenagers to help our children in their tough times.

How to Deal With Suicide

1. Discuss With Your Loved Ones


We all face bad times but when we are close to our loved ones than we usually forget our problems. Most people commit suicide when they think they are alone, no one will support/him. Loneliness plays a major role in depression as you are alone and not able to express your feelings to anyone. If you share your problem with your loved ones then it will help you a lot. Maybe that person’s views don’t matter in your life but your outgoing emotions will support you to feel better. Sometimes, time spent with your family will take down all your stress and you will be able to feel relaxed.

2. Take Your Time

We all know that after every night there is a morning like that, after every tough phase there are good days too. So don’t get depressed during your bad time, learn to love yourself and try to handle the situation as it is. You can take your time, if you don’t know what to do then the best thing is to go with the flow. Don’t take tension, do the usual stuff and feel free, one day your mind will understand what to do next. Like our elder says, don’t take crucial decisions when you are not fine. You have to handle tough times and try to learn how to deal with suicide grief, it will help you a lot. So take your time, give your efforts to handle your tough phases and always try to enjoy life.

How to Cope With Suicide Deaths


It’s a very bad time for a family when their family members committed suicide. Many people don’t know how to cope with suicide deaths, and it’s being very hard to digest too. You have to be strong, you have to handle your whole family too. First of all, try to find the reason behind suicide then you will get to know all about the incident and then do your work accordingly. You can take help from Doctors too, they will also guide you to know how to deal with a suicidal loved one because after a sudden loss your mind may collapse and may not be able to work properly. So it’s better to take help from an experienced person.


So here we discussed how to deal with suicide grief, or how to overcome suicidal thoughts, it will help you to fight suicidal thoughts and be relaxed because if you are in depression then this type of thought will bother you a lot. Here we also try to answer the most difficult question I.e how to deal with a suicidal loved one. From the youth’s point of view as they are our future, the hot topic is how to deal with suicidal teenagers or how to deal with teenage suicides, my advice is to try to spend time with your family especially if you are not able to handle your stuff. Don’t hesitate to talk with your parents and discuss the things which bother you, it will help you a lot.

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