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How To Help Someone Who Is Suicidal

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No, no this is not your last option, maybe this situation is not with you but you have a lot of things to do. Nowadays people like to commit suicide rather than fight through their tough phases of life. So here we provide different ways to help someone who is suicidal. Many people want to help them but can’t able to help, so we are here to discuss how to help someone who is depressed and suicidal. If you know any person who is feeling down and maybe they want to give up their life then come in front and help them understand the causes of depression. with your cent percent efforts. It’s better to help someone that’s why we are here to point out some of the important ways how to help someone who has suicidal thoughts, which help you to save someone’s life.

Ways to Help Someone Who is Suicidal


Be with them always – Many people need support rather than advice, people or your close ones like to advise you to do this or that but do not want to be there for you. If you ask me how to help someone stop thinking about suicide and how to control overthinking unnecessarily then my answer will be to support them first. Maybe you can’t help in their situation but one thing and the best thing you can do is always be with them. To support anyone, you don’t need any knowledge or specialty but you only need some patience, just support him/her in their tough time and you will be happy to know when it works.

1. Take All The Suicidal Threats Seriously


We people aren’t able to see others’ problems, we only think that we are going through rough phases, our life is difficult, etc. Why can’t we see other problems, for example, your brother is facing a love betrayed problem and they look so different all the time but you are busy with some school issue rather than helping your brother, you think you are going through a bad time. As a brother, you have to understand your brother. Whenever you feel that he needs your time you have to be there because you never know what he is going through and what he can do. Not only this relation, in every relationship you have to take care of your partner, if anyone give a suicidal threat then you have to handle them carefully. If you don’t know how to find help for someone who is suicidal then go and tell your elder ones they will help you in this.

2. Speak Less Listen More

Everyone wants to tell their story but no one wants to listen to others, from my point of view listening is more important than speaking. As long as you know how to become an active listener, you will get to know more about them and it will help you to understand them. If someone wants to share their problem but you are not interested in listening to them then they will not be able to open their heart and it will not be good for them. So if you want to help others in any case then learn to have patience and listen to them. We don’t know when and who is facing which kind of problem and your listening ability may help them to get out of their problem. It’s okay if you don’t know How to convince someone who is suicidal to get help but if you will listen to them they will surely share their problem that was bothering them and telling them their issues will help them too to get out of their mental problems.


3. Never Leave Them Alone

We all know Loneliness is a measure cause of depression and mental problems. So if you know a person is want to suicide then never leave them alone, it will be very dangerous for them. If you will stay with them it’s possible their thoughts aren’t able to disturb them but if you will leave them alone then it’s a higher possibility that their mental condition will play with them and they won’t be able to handle it. Introduce them to new types of creative activities and therapies like art therapy and music therapy so as to keep them away from negative thoughts and help them find something they love to do. Many people want to suicide and they don’t want to be helped by someone, so this is a critical case that can’t be handled by a common people, in that case, you have to take help from a specialist they are better to know how to help someone who is suicidal but refuses help. So in this case you will be able to help them without directly helping them.

4 Encourage Them to Take Help From a Counselor

Rather than giving advice and suggestions, you can encourage him/her to get out of these suicidal thoughts. You can encourage them to take the help of a counselor because they are experts in this, they know how to help someone who is depressed and suicidal, and they know how to help someone who is suicidal but refuses help. Many times it’s not possible for us to handle them but we can help in another way to consult with the counselor they can guide you too that how to help someone who is suicidal which you can take care of by yourself.

5. Help Them to Move on From Depression


You can help to motivate them by spending time with them and getting to understand them and their problems. We all know that there is not any problem in which solutions are not there so help them in solving their problem. Talk with them, they will feel relaxed and it’s the best way to move them from depression. If you don’t know how to help someone who has suicidal thoughts and wants to help so you can search on google for how to convince someone who is suicidal to get help and also get them professional depression counseling when they are ready to accept help. Moving on is not the work of one day, you have to give time, convince your mind and try to care about yourself.


Here we point out all the possible ways how to help someone stop thinking about suicide and also how to help someone who is suicidal but refuses help which will help a reader. It’s a critical case so if you want to help someone it’s necessary to first research well and be confident about what you are doing that’s why we provide the detail all about how to help someone who is suicidal. Don’t take too much pressure and risk on your solder, try to cure first but if you are not able to then don’t hesitate to take help from the experts.

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