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Looking for Sexual Counselor in Hisar | Sex Counseling in Haryana

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Shame and Taboos about sexuality in our society have been rendered the sexuality as a mysterious topic. Whatever are the reasons, but sexuality or having any sexual issues is still an under-discussed topic in our society. Sex plays a crucial role in a healthy relationship, which clearly means problem in area can affect you relationship very badly, it may eventually come to end a relationship too. Sometimes having a sexual dysfunction, become a source of anger outbursts or tensions in a relationship.

Due to a stressful life we all are living now-a-days, having a sexual issue is common in people. Expert Sexual Counselor in Hisar believes that there is a sequence of emotional and physical changes take place when a person becomes sexually active or engaged in any sexual stimulating activity such as, intercourse or masturbating. According to Sexual Counselor in Hisar, Sexual Dysfunction is a psychical or psychological problem which prevents an individual or couple from experiencing satisfaction level from their sexual activities. According to research by Sexual Psychologist in Hisar, people who are suffering from any sort of sexual issues or sexual dysfunction, probably being experiencing feeling of loneliness and helplessness. Shame, fear and embarrassment may also harm their mental health and can shove them experiencing depression or anxiety. Encountering any sexual problem is something most of the people don’t want to talk about or accept it, which can worsen the situation. If you are suffering from the same condition, you should talk honestly and openly with your partner or with a Sexual Counseling Providers in Hisar who are holding a great experience in this field.

Both Men and Women can face sexual issues or sexual dysfunctions. According to a research about 43% of women and 56% of men encounters some type of sexual dysfunction once in their life.


Sexual problems can affect any men whether he is straight, gay, bisexual or transgender. Most of males experiencing sexual issues due to psychical cause (heart disease, diabetes, raising blood pressure, consumption of alcohol, drugs, as well as some prescribed medications) as well as psychological cause (depression due to money loss, anxiety, struggling with relationship, even taking stress). Some common sexual problems in males are:

  • Delayed Ejaculation is a condition in which men experiences delayed ejaculation or inability to achieve ejaculation. According to a Sexual Counselor in Hisar, some of men reported with problem of avoiding sexual activity due to repetitive pattern of difficulty in ejaculating.
  • Dry Orgasm happened to a men when he is unable to ejaculated even having a high stimulation in penis during a sexual activities such as intercourse or masturbation.
  • Erectile Dysfunction means not being able to get or keep an erection that is sufficient for partnered sexual activities. According to Sexual Psychologist in Hisar, men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction may have low self-esteem, low confidence, and decreased sense of masculinity.
  • Premature Ejaculation occurs when men ejaculates earlier during a sexual intercourse. Many men encounters premature ejaculation once in their lifetime, it is a common complaint in men, if it happens occasionally. But if you are experiencing it on regular basis you may consult to a Sexual Counselor or a Sexologist.


After the onset of menstruation, due to changes in the hormone in girls, there are some changes in the physical form continuously. Women encounter more common sex problems than men. Female sexual dysfunction may occur at any stage of life. Women come to face sexual issues due to physical cause (kidney failure, heart diseases, bladder problem, sexual issues due to diabetes, vaginal dryness, consumption of alcohol, drugs, or any medications on regular basis); hormonal cause (menopause, lower estrogen level, less genital sensation, decrease in estrogens) and psychological cause (anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, worries about pregnancy, being a new mother). Some of the common sexual problems in women are:

  • Difficulty in reaching orgasm is one of the most common complaints in women. Sexual Counselor in Hisar denotes that 50% of women do not have orgasm while indulging in a sexual activity.
  • Fluctuation in mood and sexual desires is natural in women. If you are experiencing lack of interest in sex you may be suffering from Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder. If you are feeling uneasy to talk about sex, you may ask from your partner about your sexual performance or consult Sexual Therapist.
  • Experiencing some discomfort or a significant pain during a sexual intercourse is fairly common in women, but if you are encountering it on regular basis you may be suffering from Penetration Disorder or Genito-Pelvic Pain. There are treatments available for penetration disorder; you may consult a Sexual Psychologist near you.
  • White, sticky thick secretion from the vagina has become a common problem for women of puberty today. In general, it is called white water, which is called
  • For many reasons women get itching in the vagina. There are several reasons for this to be infections, not to be properly cleaned, to be constipated daily, to have sexual intercourse, and to have sexual intercourse.
  • Due to not properly cleaning hair of sexual organs. Women can produce many vaginal uterine problems by entering the path of the pestle in the vagina. It is extremely important to clean it properly.


Sexual orientation is not exactly a sexual problem. Sexual Orientation is the emotional, romantic, or sexual attraction that a person feels towards the person of same sex, opposite sex, or more than one person. Sexual Psychologist in Hisar tells about four types of sexual orientation:

  • Heterosexual are the people who are romantically and physically attracted to the person of opposite sex. Heterosexual are sometimes called “straight”.
  • Homosexual are the people who are romantically and physically attracted to the person of same sex. Females who are attracted to female are called “lesbians” and males attracted to males are called “gay”.
  • Bisexual are the people who are romantically and physically attracted to person of both sex (male and female).
  • Asexual are the people who are not interested in sex, but they are still attracted to someone emotionally.

In our society, people don’t accept their sexual orientation; they feel shy, and insulted. Sexual Orientation is a natural part of who you are? Sexual Counselor in Hisar helps their client to come out with their real sexual orientation with their non judgmental, caring and trained counseling.

How a Sex Counselor/Sex Therapist Can Help You?

A licensed sex counselor or a sex therapist can be a psychiatrist, psychologist, family therapist, relationship counselor or a clinical social worker. These mental health professionals undertake extensive additional training in human sexuality. Sexual problems or sexual dysfunctions are sometime difficult to understand and embarrassing for many, and this why people startled from seeking help. Your silence may lead to worsen your sexual, physical as well as your mental health. Sexual Psychologist in Hisar says that, it is vital to seek help for your sexual issues before they start giving you horrible consequences. Psychosexual Therapist in Hisar is highly trained in talk about sex and helps an individual to explore and overcome from their sexual dysfunction. Sex Therapist in Hisar uses knowledge of psychology and physiology to provide therapy to people who have concerns about intimacy, sexual feelings and sexual functions. Relationship or Couple Counselors in Hisar facilitate their clients with relationship counseling as it is effective way for helping couples to explore their physical communication and their understanding of what sex means to them. Sexual Therapist makes a trustworthy and good communication with their client so that they feel comfortable to share their issues without any hesitation.

Best Sexual Psychologist in Hisar, Dr. Mehta has a wide experience working with sexual problem as she has 3 years of work experience with Dr. Prem Munjal, a renowed Sexologist in Haryana. In her working module, she has not only assisted with psychosexual testing and counseling but has also given tremendous result in treating problems in both men and women.

So if your own sexuality is making you weak, My Fit Brain is the right place to seek help.


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