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Best Psychologist in Goa

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Counseling Psychologist in Goa | Lady Psychologist in Goa

*Does it feel difficult to get past the self-criticism and negativity in your head? *Does the saying “love yourself before you can love anyone else” leave you feeling empty or confused? *Do you wonder, “how can I love myself when I know who I’ve been and the things I’ve done”? The bottom line: WE BELIEVE THAT WE ARE NEVER GOOD ENOUGH. It impacts the way we see ourselves and the way we see others. Unfortunately, it can wreak havoc on our lives and relationships!

Counseling psychologist in Goa specializes in working with adults, children, and couples of all ages struggling with the very real effects of “never good enough.” Such as low self-esteem, relationship problems, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, and difficulty overcoming life’s painful experiences. As the therapy process unfolds, you will develop a deeper understanding of who you are.

You have taken the first step in working towards your recovery: Peace of Mind, Inner Peace, and Protecting Your Peace. As the top psychologist in Goa, we will work with you to reach your objectives and help initiate the process of healing as well as personal growth in a safe and supportive space. Dr. Neha Mehta’s team of professional psychologists believe in the principles of self-actualization and will help you throughout your personal therapeutic journey.

The best counselor in Goa believes in a holistic approach to wellness specializing in mental health, relationships, family therapy, and much more. It is imperative for clients to understand they are a part of the process included in therapy to not only feel better but also maintain a certain level of health through self-care once sessions are completed. We look forward to us working together to address life’s challenges.

Services of The Top Psychologist in Goa

The utilization of a clinical psychologist has a long history of helping several people cope with the various pressures they are expected to manage in their lives. With the utilization of a professional, you will discover great opportunities to address personal problems and overcome the stresses associated with your life. Here are some of the services we provide-

Relationship counseling – Are you and your partner having the same arguments over and over? We can help you get beyond those stupid conflicts and enjoy the intimacy you want. The basic problem is that couples have disconnected emotionally. They don’t feel emotionally safe with each other. The best psychologist in Goa will help you achieve your most cherished goal: a strong, healthy, and caring relationship with those who are closest to you.

Child Counseling – The best therapist in Goa helps children assess their problems and learn how to manage emotions like anxiety, grief, and depression. We do this by providing valuable insight into your child’s thoughts, actions, and emotions. We can also help the children’s parents better understand how to best approach their children in times of difficulty. Our goal is to help children better know the emotions they are experiencing in a way that they can proc ess. This helps the child have the ability to work through these tough emotions and live a healthy, happy life. 

Rehabilitation counseling – Through the evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, our lady psychologist in Goa can determine what the best route of therapy and care is. We may suggest medical care, support in job placement, and provide the patient with proper training to develop skills to improve their well-being. 

Mental Health Counseling – In today’s fast-paced environment, more and more people are feeling overwhelmed. The “mental health” term is more often used in a variety of different settings. The best psychology doctor in Goa works with people who are struggling with a wide range of emotions and conflicts that ultimately affect their well-being. 

Why Choose Us?

We use a combination of mindfulness and therapy in order to empower clients to take an active role in the therapy process. Our role is to guide clients to discover meaning and freedom in their life. Helping our customers build self-awareness, acceptance, and motivation to create a purposeful life brings us great joy. The best counselors in Goa work with adolescents, adults struggling with mood disorders, anxiety, OCD, personality disorders, and other related issues.

We have a team of experienced psychologists in Goa available to help you deal with the full range of life issues. Whether as an individual, couple, or family, Dr. Neha Mehta’s team is passionate about providing you with practical skills to better manage your emotions and make positive choices for your life.

As a team, we will explore the presented challenges and adversities. We meet clients online and teach skills that lead to a sense of empowerment that replaces fears or self-doubt with acceptance and more confidence. We have over 10 years of helping various patients overcome their issues.

Get the Life Skills to re-evaluate yourself & fulfill the vision you have for your life. We are available to do one-on-one coaching. Learn how easy it is to use your mind, body & spirit to fulfill your Life goals. Our passion is to empower & inspire individuals, get pointers on recognizing your core strengths, simplify your life for greater satisfaction. Call the best therapist in Goa today for a consultation.

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