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Career Counseling in Hisar by Experts

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Career is an important aspect of a person’s life. Developing a career is a lifelong process of individual’s life. Actually! It’s started on the same day you born.  From the very beginning we are asked to concentrate on our studies and to score well in the examinations. You have to develop your career and make decisions of your life continuously. The purpose of doing this is to build a strong base and bring a good grade which will help you build an attractive career .It leads the life style of any human being, which determines its position in society. Where everybody dreams of a good life, everyone is not able to build a strong career that ensures good lifestyle. Career is directly linked to a person’s professional life. There a bulk of factors which influence your career such as your interests, abilities, values, personality, background and circumstances. Choosing a career can be a daunting task. Before you make a final decision, you should evaluate your skills and interests, study the market situation and consult an experienced person. Choosing a career can be a daunting task. Before you make a final decision, you should evaluate your skills and interests, study the market situation and also go for Career Counseling in Hisar.

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Career is much more than the job you decided to do after your graduation. Career is a process, which will change your life. You can avail the services of Career Counseling in Hisar at My Fit Brain Clinic. They will provide you knowledge and skills and make you enable to make future career and life decisions. Career Counseling helps you choose a career field based on your qualifications and interests. The choice of a right career can fulfill not only your dreams, but you can become whatever you want to be in life.

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Before understanding the career in a field, you know the importance of the counseling. Many times parents and students are not able to choose their career at such a large level as they should choose. Many times many such options of careers are not even known. So whenever you make a decision for your career. Career Advisor in Hisar can definitely help you out.

Now-a-days there are countless opportunity in various fields where an individual make a better. Dr. Neha Mehta, Career Counselor at My Fit Brain, furnish you with proper guidance to have a clear glimps on the “What you pursue” according to your interest and ability. Get Career Counseling in Hisar from those who are experts in your field. According to Career Counselor, Dr. Neha Mehta; If you have chosen a career or subject that fits your personality, your interest then you can convert every impossible thing in possible to improve it and if you have chosen a career which you have chosen only on the side of friends, then your half of your success is already decrease.

Dr. Neha confabulates that, the process of career counseling ideally embraces with 5 stages. She follows these 5 stages in her Career Counseling Process. It is a holistic method to evaluate the interests and ability of students and counsel them a career path based on their expertise.

The most crucial and sensitive part of a counselor’s job is to build up and maintain a strong working relationship with the client and Dr. Neha is very skillful in this. She creates a comfortable environment for her client (student) so that he/she can share each and every aspect of his/her life without any hesitation.  She always ensures such a relationship with her clients that encourage their clients to share maximum details about themselves. She helps her clients to resolves all the confusion and pulling of a career between parent and children. She performs a Regular Aptitude Test in order extract information from her client (student) and from parents too. Dr. Neha has carefully designed a questionnaire namely “FUTURE ANALYSIS TEST” in order to gather relevant and large chunks of useful information from her client.  This test covers a lots of accepts such as social behaviour, personality, psychometric and career interests. She has also served her aptitude test service at “EDUFEST-2018” conducted in FLAMINGO RESORTS, Hisar.

Next step after conducting a test, she assist her client (student) according to the analysis she made from the test. On the basis of this aptitude test she traces analytical ability and thinking ability of the client (student). Apart of she also conducts Psychological and Psychometric Tests if required. She conducts one to one session with the client and parents, also conducts information interviewing, relational networking, job shadowing and work experience to explore the different paths, consequently one choice take place.

Now it comes on Decision Making, where Dr. Neha brings parents and student to a common fruitful career path for the client (student). She conduct a Counseling Session in which she helps her client (student)to get an answer of each and every question marks coming in his/her mind. She enables her client to make a proper decision which also involves selection of the appropriate option from the range of alternative and teaches some steps and procedure of Self Career Development.

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Dr. Neha Mehta, prepares and enable her clients to identify a backup plan during the time a real implementation of her action plan. She also ensures a preparation for any uncertainty that may arise at any time in the client’s career path. She always tries to fulfill her client with a great enthusiasm and positive vibe to select a right career path. She also ensures her client meets all the deadlines and completes his/her work according to timelines.

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You can book an appointment for career counseling with her online or by calling on 9050232637

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Opp Civil Hospital, Sirsa Road, Hisar

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