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Best Sexual Counsellor in India

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Are you suffering from premature ejaculation, infertility, erectile dysfunction, and any other kind of sexual dysfunction? Don’t worry; these issues are widespread, and you can cure them by taking great treatment from the best Sexual Counsellor in India.

As we all know, taking care of your sex lives is equally important as we take care of our other health-related issues. With the latest technology, you can get multiple treatment options for treating various sexual issues.

Sexual health can be defined as the state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being in relation to sexuality. It is an important component of a human life cycle and, like any other activity, brings psychological satisfaction. Having an active sex life is a necessity rather than a choice in these times of fast and distressed living activities or lifestyle. Due to various reasons, the rate of sexual problems is rising, and many people suffer from such issues in their sex life.

Dr. Neha Mehta clinic is the best provider of sex counseling. The first conversation with us will allow you to understand the causes of difficulties and find a solution for them. When the underlying cause of your problem is psychological, participating in sexual therapy in India can help. If our sex specialist in India deems it necessary, additional pharmacological treatment may be recommended.

Dr. Neha Mehta best Sexual Counsellors in India who is highly qualified with a respectful approach towards sexuality, helping patients drive away their inhibitions, fear, and stigma attached to sexuality issues. Our professional doctors are well qualified in counseling the patients by addressing the underlying issues related to sexual disorders or medical conditions.

What is Sexology?

Best sexologist in India

Sexology is nothing but a scientific study that involves studying human sexuality, including behaviors, functions, and sexual interests. People who qualify to become Sexual Counsellors are from different fields such as medicine, psychology, criminology, medicine, epidemiology, etc. The subjects which are there in the study syllabus are paraphilia, sexual activities, puberty, child sexuality, sexuality among elders, sexual development, atypical sexual interest, and many more topics.

It also includes sexuality among people who are mentally or physically disabled. Sexual Counsellor cure sexual dysfunctions and disorders like erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, pedophilia, and much more. So, if anybody is suffering from the above-mentioned disease and if you stay anywhere, then you may contact a Sexual Counsellor near you.

Why is it important?

Sex is something which if a human being never did, there would have been no growth in the lineage of families, and even the love would not have grown to the extent that we see in our parents and partners. It is one of the most important activities after marriage, and satisfaction with sex is quite important to have a happy life. As per research, three out of every five males are suffering from an asexual deficiency which makes their sexual life hard and unsuccessful, and along with this, the saddest part of it is that the males are quite ignorant about the sexual disease.

Sex is certainly the most important activity, and sexual satisfaction is very much necessary in this to lead a happy life. Per the latest research, among every five males, there are three who are suffering from deficiencies related to sex power. Another very shocking fact is that most males are ignorant of these diseases.

Why visit Sexual Counsellor doctors near you ?

Why visit sexologist doctors near you

It is estimated that sex health dysfunction affects more than 40% of females, and more than 30% of males or men within the age group of 18 to 50 suffer from sexual dysfunction.

Sexual-related problems create great problems in relationships. It is usually embarrassing to discuss such problems. The perfect key to coping with such issues is to consult with the best sex counseling online in India. Speaking to our profession is always beneficial to alleviate all these concerns. Irrespective of the problem, whether it is psychological or physical, we can get to the root of the matter. Here are some symptoms that show you are in need of visiting the best Sexual Counsellor in India.

Low sex drive

It means that you avoid physical intimacy with your partner. The reason can be hormonal changes, stress, medication, or any underlying medical condition. It is usually temporary in nature but if you have it for a longer time, have a proper consultation with Dr. Neha Mehta who is the best Sexual Counsellor in India.
Intense sexual urges that involve unusual activities or situations are a great problem and usually have a deep-seated emotional issue. It can cause distress in social, occupational, and other areas of functioning as well.

Psychological issues

Psychological issues can cause various sexual disorders in both males and females. It is very important to identify the problem at an early stage and have the required treatment.

Not having desire to tune in with each other

Sometimes, both the partners are not on the same page when it comes to having sex. Either of the partners can suffer from such issues. The best way to get relief is to communicate with the partner and also with a sex therapist in India.

Obsessed with sex

If you are preoccupied with sexual thoughts all the time, this can affect your performance and functioning. This is mainly a psychological issue that should be rectified at an early stage.

Feeling guilty about sex

Bad sexual experience results in guilty feelings about sex. Whatever be the reason for bad experiences, our online sex therapy will prove the best to overcome this guilt.

Unable to achieve orgasm

This is a common problem in women. Ejaculation and orgasm are related to each other. so if you have a problem in achieving orgasm, consulting sexologist doctors near you is a must.

Confused about sexual orientation

Some people don’t know how to propose sexual orientation, and this leads to great problems. Talk with the best Indian sexual counselor and overcome such a problem.

the best Sexual Counsellor in India helps an individual overcome problems in relationships that may interfere with creating true intimacy with your partner. You can be assured of getting the best treatment that will truly change your life in an optimistic way.

Why Choose us?

Being driven by a pool of experienced medical practitioners with having specialization in sex therapy, we can provide you with the best treatment. Our Sexual Counsellor near you ensures that you feel comfortable with us. Also, we have the latest equipment to perform tests and treatment in case of any medical issue.

In Dr. Neha Mehta Sexual Counsellor services, you do not only get treated for sexual problems but also get online sex counseling which helps in enhancing your relationship with your loved one. We also perform comprehensive medical checkups before initiating any treatment. Dr. Neha Mehta strongly believes in identifying the root cause of the problem so that you can get the right treatment at the right time.

In fact, Dr. Neha Mehta is the best Sexual Counsellor in India and they are fully qualified lady Sexual Counsellor has helped thousands of men and women of all ages to start enjoying a happier and sexually fulfilling life that they never thought possible.

Save Your Relationship With the best Sexual Counsellor in India Before It’s Too Late

Sexual disorders and infertility can cause people unnecessary stress, depression, frustration, anxiety, and relationship strain. It can be the cause of a divorce where marriage was successful except for the sex life.

And if you have an understanding spouse, who is showing signs of not being satisfied and has started having doubts about whether your relationship will ever get back to the way it was, this is the chance to save it. We understand that it is not so easy but conversation and sexual therapy in India can do wonders.

Conversation with your partner regarding their sexual behavior patterns ends up in heated arguments, hurt feelings, sometimes in bruised egos, anger, and if they continue to persist, broken marriages and relationships.

Telling a friend about these issues is outright embarrassing and parents are out of the question. Many individuals end up bottling all of this negative energy inside them, leading to unwanted stress in the family and unhappy life.

The taboos around such topics only add to the already low self-confidence of the person and force them to feel guilty for something they don’t have control over. Married life becomes a compromise and the whole point of a happy life gets destroyed. This is where Dr. Neha Mehta’s service of online sex counseling comes into the picture. Research shows those couples who talk have a better understanding, trust, and more satisfactory sex life because they can work on it.

Say Goodbye to Sexual Problems With The Best Sexual Counselor in India

Say Goodbye to Sexual Problems

We have been providing sexual treatments and therapy for a long time. The number of people experiencing sexual problems has increased in the last few years. Dr. Neha Mehta understands and respects the fact that sexuality is the most secret and sensitive aspect of your personality. There have been some cases where patients end up developing low self-esteem and self-respect because of sexual problems.

However, that was the thing of the past. You can now get rid of most of such sexual problems provided you undergo the treatment at the right time. The Best Sexual Counsellor in India can come to your rescue by prescribing the right treatment for the sexual problem which is worrying you.

Why Choose Dr. Neha Mehta Online Sex Counseling?

24X7 Availability of the doctors

In online sexology consultation, there’s always a doctor available for you to communicate with. Forget about waiting for hours or days for consulting with a Sexual Counsellor regarding your sexual issues. The easy availability of our online female Sexual Counsellor near me has made it easier for those affected by chronic sexual issues.

No worries about feeling embarrassed

In the majority of cases, people feel ashamed or embarrassed to talk about their sexual health or sexual issues with others. It is for this reason, most people with even serious issues affecting their sexual organs refrain from seeking help from a Sexual Counsellor. Such embarrassments can be a thing of the past when you can talk to our doctor from the comfort of your home. Since you are not facing the doctor, it might be easier to discuss your problem and get the proper treatment. Moreover, the private conversation remains confidential between the patient and the best Sexual Counsellor in India.

Affordable consultancy

At times, patients often complain that they were overcharged during the personal visit to the Sexual Counsellor, which is something that online consultancy can help you control. You cannot be overcharged for an online consultation because our doctor keeps the pricing transparent.

Given there are many different conditions that can affect your sexual health, it might be only wise to seek the advice of our experienced sexologist doctors near me. Remember that sexual health issues can also arise from other health problems, and hence it’s best to get it treated. Whatever be the issue, you need not suffer silently. All you need to do is go online right now and consult Dr. Neha Mehta without any fear or hesitation for proper assistance.

Frequently Asked Queries

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment with the therapist via call. Plus, if you have any other questions regarding structure, fee or if psychotherapy/counselling applies to you, you can also discuss that.

What is the duration of a session?

The first session is for one hour and involves history taking, initial assessment and discussion of a treatment plan. Sessions after it depends upon you & several other factors at your convenient .

Are the sessions confidential?

The sessions are strictly confidential and non-judgemental. Plus, if the patient is assessed to be of harm to self or others, the confidentiality clause is broken.

Will medication be prescribed?

No. However, if the therapist feels the need for the same, the patient will be referred to the closest available chemist.

May i expect a friendly relationship with the therapist?

The relationship with the therapist is strictly ethical and professional and aimed towards treatment. If there is a breach in boundaries, the therapist is at liberty to terminate therapeutic alliance.

Is online psychotherapy as effective as face to face psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy via video conferencing has been found to be as effective as face to face. Tele-psychotherapy has been found to be less effective. Thus, tele psychotherapy/ counselling is advisable for those with less serious concerns.


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