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Why Premarital Counseling is Necessary?

Discover the Importance of Pre-Marital Counseling and know Why premarital counseling is

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Marriage is a beautiful connection of trust, companionship, and love between two people. 
It is one of the most crucial events that take place in anyone’s life. Then why must you make any hasty decisions? It is the moment when you decide with whom you are going to spend your life. This makes a valid point for why premarital counseling is necessary. In this article, we will look at: what is the importance of premarital counseling? Choosing a partner is a tough decision because it carries the future of your entire life. But first, let’s know what is premarital counseling.

What is Premarital Counseling?

The thought of marriage brings turbulent emotions and conflicting feelings in the mind and heart of the person. There are so many thoughts that run through the mind before selecting a partner or before marriage. All these answers are provided in premarital counseling. This is why premarital counseling is necessary as it helps in settling all the doubts that you have regarding your marriage. 
When you consider what is premarital counseling, it refers to counseling sessions that take place before marriage which helps you decide whether you should marry or not, whether your partner is best suited for you or not, in other sense as said whether your vibes match each other or not. In the article, we will be looking at why should you go for pre-marriage counseling and what are the benefits of pre-marital counseling. It is important to understand why these days premarital counseling is given priority and considered a necessary ritual to be done. Premarital counseling ensures that you and your spouse can have a peaceful, happy, loving, and prosperous marriage throughout your married life and there remain little chances of detachment between you two. Here’s the reason why you must go for premarital counseling.

Why Premarital Counseling is Necessary?

Life is the name of uncertainty, things never remain the same and so do relationships. You can never be sure of being in a ‘happy merry’ relationship forever, there are events where arguments take place and they even lead to divorce. This is why premarital counseling is necessary. You need to be aware what is the importance of premarital counseling to be able to access the benefits of pre-marital counseling. It is like taking a step from ignorance to acknowledgment.

1. Everything related to your partner is talked about

One of the benefits of pre-marital counseling is that everything is talked about between you and your partner. If you have doubts related to compatibility or are not mentally prepared for marriage, buried about the balance and stability, whether the partner is right or not, whether things will work, and what kind of partner you need, then all these are dealt with in premarital counseling. It tells you how to find the right girl for marriage by showing you the inherent qualities you are looking for and whether they are present in your partner or not. The importance of premarital counseling lies in clearing all your doubts and making you mentally prepared for marriage. It helps you become compatible with your partner and raise the level of your understanding.

premarital Counselling
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2. Sexual issues are discussed

Another purpose of premarital counseling is to make sure that you don’t face any sexual issues in your marriage. If you are in doubt over whether your performance will be good or not, what can make your partner unhappy during intimacy, if your stamina is good, what is the correct technique, if there any other inherent sexual issues you or your partner can have then it is definitely what premarital counseling deals with. The couple counseling takes place where the sexual issues are resolved and all your concerns are settled. This is the importance of premarital counseling. It helps you analyze the sexual behavior of your partner before marriage and solves any inherent issues that can cause disturbance in your married life by looking at the probable chances of its occurrence.

3. Medical issues are looked over

Another purpose of premarital counseling is to look over any inherent medical issues that can later come over your married life. The genetic heredity is also checked in this. Premarital counseling looks over which medical issues can directly be inherited by your kids later in their lifetime. Further, it also discusses any serious illness which any one of the partners might be suffering from. This is one of the benefits of pre-marital counseling. Any past medical issues that might cause an imbalance in your present life and marriage are also looked at and resolved. The overall health aspects and genetic hereditary of the whole family are checked to be able to tell about any inherent medical issues that might occur later in your life.

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4. Family issues if occurring

The importance of premarital counseling lies in resolving the family issues. The family clash, conflicting ideas, rituals, or belief system is resolved before marriage so that the married couple doesn’t have to face any kind of issues later. It also teaches about how to relieve stress in marriage. It is one of the purpose of premarital counseling. Many times before marriage many family issues occur and make the marriage seem impossible. It is through premarital counseling that you can solve unresolved issues by coming to a common conclusion through the understanding and perspective of someone else. Thus premarital counseling also deals with the family issues that can later disrupt the marriage.

Couple issues
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5. Financial stability is considered –

Many couples ask why do premarital counseling, another major reason is financial stability. Many times in a marriage money becomes a major issue. If you are doubtful about what to tell your wife, how much to tell her, how to manage finance and family planning, how many kids and how to plan it, and issues which can cause financial instability then you must go for premarital counseling. Many couples go for marriage counseling when they face it. It is also a progressive step but you can go for it before marriage as well. The purpose of premarital counseling is to help you manage your finances and discuss it with your spouse. It also resolves issues related to jealousy in rich earning especially when both partners are working.

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6. Helps overcome your own or partner’s past

Another reason why do premarital counseling is, it helps you overcome your own or your partner’s past. Many times one goes through a bad relationship, trust issues, or has trouble digesting a partner’s sexual relationship and past. Thus premarital counseling helps you in overcoming and accepting your. own. or your partner’s past issues so that you both can start afresh. It also teaches how to handle angry partner and manage relationships. It deals with the past and helps the person to overcome the trauma and look at the world with a new perspective. The importance of premarital counseling lies in making you mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared for marriage and guiding you toward a happy and long-lasting relationship.

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To sum up, by now you must have been clear about why premarital counseling is necessary and you must go for it. There is a certain level of surety that the marriage will be peaceful, and loving after premarital counseling as there is no space for misunderstanding between the couple. However, it is not solely the responsibility of the counselor to guarantee a happy marriage. It also depends upon the efforts of the couple. Unless they both do not give their best a marriage cannot work properly though they love each other immensely. The article also gives a clear-cut idea of why do premarital counseling as it is essential to have a better understanding and compatibility. You can experience premarital counseling benefits in your entire married life.


1. What happens in Premarital Counseling?

In premarital counseling, there is a chain of sessions where the counselor speaks to you and your partner and even family members to help the couple form understanding between each other, know their habits, flaws, their perspective, and understand whether they are fit for each other or not. Usually, certain sessions are taken to check the compatibility of the partners, and solutions and activities are assigned to make the partners understand and become compatible. It talks about sexual, financial, family, medical issues, and many more. This is also the answer to what is premarital counseling as it deals with each aspect of the relationship from physical closeness to topics of arguments.

2. What may happen if Premarital Counseling is not taken?

First of all, you will lose out on all the premarital counseling benefits. Usually, many couples think that they don’t need premarital counseling as they already understand each other. However, you can never truly understand a person in a few months. If premarital counseling is not taken then many times even small arguments turn into major issues creating a gap between the couple. Premarital counseling tells you about how to solve and look over certain issues that help the couple later in their life. Understanding what is importance of premarital counseling is essential to always living a peaceful and happy married life.

3. How to know if I need Premarital Counseling or not?

Every couple before being connected by the sacred bond of marriage needs premarital counseling. Even if you think things between you and your partner are going well and will go well even after marriage it is not necessary. So, you should go for it. Further, if you are confused over how things will go after marriage, whether you are compatible or not, and worried about sexual, medical issues, or even financial issues then you should go for premarital counseling. Consider knowing about what is importance of premarital counseling to figure out whether to go for it or not. It tells you about the tips to make your relationship stronger.

4. How to convince my partner to Premarital Counseling?

Convincing your partner for premarital counseling can be a tough task when they are someone who thinks that relationships do not require the opinion of a third unknown person and also those who go by the traditional understanding of marriage feel there is no need for premarital counseling. You must tell your partner about the premarital counseling benefits and how it helps in making the marriage work. You should tell your partner how the counseling helps in achieving better understanding and compatibility among the couples and increases the level of trust and love in their relationship. It increases the lifeline of the marriage.

5. Can I take Premarital Counseling with my in-laws?

Yes, you can also have premarital counseling with your in-laws. Marriage is not just the union of two people but also the union between two families. The couple must also go along with their respective in-law families. You can tell your in-laws about premarital counseling benefits and also go for the session if you are doubtful or have certain concerns related to your relationship with them. It will help you have a sorted relationship with your in-laws before marriage and also help you maintain a peaceful relationship afterward. Thus, there are no boundaries when it comes to whether you have counseling sessions with your in-laws or not.

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