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Warning Signs of Mental illness: Reasons and Solutions

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What is Mental Illness?

State of mind is affected by emotions, thoughts, behaviour and external factors like environment or people. Mental illness occurs when health conditions are affected by any reason be it intrinsic or extrinsic. Mental illness cause distress, many underlying problems in social, family or official life. Definition of mental illness is relative for different people. However, it affects the mental balance and thought process drastically. It changes our behaviour, our feelings, the way of interacting or behaving and our relationship with others. Mental disorder is sometimes used to refer to the above-mentioned health problems. 

According to World Health Organization also, mental health is characterized by a combination of abnormal thought processes, perceptions, behaviour and emotions. These symptoms occur in combination sometimes. Mental disorders are namely depression and dementia. They have no relation to developmental disorders. We are going to discuss the symptoms or the early warning signs of mental illness.

How to Identify Whether You Are Suffering From Mental Illness?

1. Constant Feeling of Sadness

Sadness is caused by depression. A major disorder is a clinical depression. People think that It is not worth living and they should die. Sadness leads to a  variety of social and physical problems also, but mental health is affected first.

2. Feeling Detached From Surroundings And People

Emotional detachment can disable us in such a way that we find it difficult to connect with people and surroundings. This is not voluntary but forced. This occurs when you are unable to express your emotions. It can control your life and cause potential damages.

3. Excessive Anger

When aggressiveness increases beyond a threshold level, it can cause you trouble. Anger is bad for mental health. People suffering from mental health can get out of their minds easily and do verbal or physical violence 


4. Withdrawal From Day-to-day Activities

Disinterest from day to day activities indicated that your mental health is bad and you need help. Not doing regular chores diverts you from the daily routine and gives space to negative thoughts.

5. No Clarity of Thoughts

Mental illness clogs the brain. The sick person is not able to think beyond his/her sufferings and mental pain. If you also can’t think clearly even on the simplest topics, then you might be mentally sick. There are also many common misconceptions about mental illness that you should know.

6. Difficulty in Doing Simple Tasks 

People suffering from mental illness are not able to focus on the tasks given to them, they can’t set a goal for themselves. But this is reflected mostly when they can be seen lost in their own thoughts and lack alertness.

7. Difficulty in Coping With Stress And Problems

People with mental illness can’t face any problems or handle work pressure easily. They show restlessness at times and are never able to find a way out without someone’s help. You can always learn about different proven ways to improve your focus at work.


What Are The Warning Signals of Mental Illness?

1. Unnecessary Thoughts and Worries 

If you get repeated thoughts and are not able to enjoy your life and handle relationships due to unnecessary worries, then it can trigger mental issues.

2. Disruption in Daily Activities

You are not able to maintain a daily routine and constantly lag behind your peers due to irregularity. You are not even able to relax or take a sound sleep. These symptoms are alarming.

3. Recurring Mood Swings

You suffer from excessive sadness or dullness one minute and the next moment you jump with ecstasy. These behaviours are counted in mood swings These are the warning signs.


4. Can’t Adjust to Changing Environment 

You are not able to adapt your mood or behaviour according to the environment, be it college, society or workplace. Your mental and social well-being gets affected easily and you need help.

5. Easily Forget Things

You are facing difficulties in recalling things. Doing the same task that earlier took five minutes now takes much more time than before. This is alarming and you should consult immediately.

6. Dependence On Drugs or Any Substance 

You have started taking drugs or smoking cigarettes to relieve yourself from stress.

Taking cocaine or hash increases the physical dependency and need to be stopped immediately. Consult doctors.

7. Increasing Impulsiveness And Hyperactivity 

You react immediately without thinking and show abusive behaviour and language. This is a matter of grave concern and needs attention as your family is affected badly.

8. Illusive Thoughts And Illogical Dreams

You stay in illusion and see different things that don’t exist in reality or you listen to different sounds that don’t exist. These are hallucinations and are a matter of grave concern.


9. Social Inactivity

You wish to be secluded and don’t have the power to deal with people or relationships. You can no longer make cordial relations with your friends and family and wish to run away.

10. Recurring Suicidal Thoughts 

You feel life is useless and it is the peak level. After this, consulting the doctors is very important otherwise your mental health can cause your death. In any case, suicide is not an option. Life is precious, so are you.

Whom Can You Refer to For Treating Your Mental Illness?


Many people who have a mental illness don’t want to talk about it. They keep quiet even if they are suffering and find it difficult to cope with. Your treatment can be done by a family or primary care doctor, physician assistant, psychotherapist, pharmacist and family members also. It is a medical condition and they should definitely refer to physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists or mental healthcare specialists just like they would consult on diseases like diabetes or heart disease. Mental illness can be treated by doctors who understand how the human brain works. Proper treatments are available in hospitals to help people manage their mental health conditions successfully.


Many people suffer from mental health but don’t give it due importance. They ignore the symptoms. The mind is complex and we keep filling it with negative thoughts. This must be avoided. Let only good thoughts flow in and out. We should treat all diseases with the same priority and also go to doctors as and when required. Don’t become socially inactive. Interact with peers, family and colleagues. Communication is the key. Please note the symptoms we have mentioned above and try to figure out if you are facing any issues. Depression is common nowadays but the problem should remain minor and not escalate to a level that suicidal thoughts start coming to you. We will bring more facts on mental illness to you. Till then stay tuned. Signing off for today.

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