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Counseling Psychologist in Lucknow| Top Psychologists in Lucknow

Imagine waking up each day not constantly having to deal with feelings of anxiety, guilt, depression, grief, or other conflicts. Therapy and counseling are not just for people with lifelong or chronic mental issues. Trauma, stress, relationship problems, and loss affect everyone and at some point in most everyone’s lives. This will come across as symptoms too difficult to cope with on their own. At times, talking to family and friends is not enough to work through the difficulties life throws. Seeking the help of our counseling psychologist in Lucknow in a comfortable and professional setting can help to improve areas that may be causing more emotional stress than you think.

We congratulate you on taking the first steps to address your problems. Seeking counseling is a major step in getting better. With 10+ years of experience in providing counseling and therapy, we aim to provide guidance in areas where stagnation or obstacles hinder clients from performing at a certain level of normalcy. We are authentic, honest, professional at what we do.

As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Neha Mehta’s team uses a counseling approach focused on empowering clients to overcome personal obstacles, achieve improvement in their symptoms, and increase their overall quality of life. 

When should I reach out and talk to the best psychologist in Lucknow?

  1. Do you have the same conflict on the same topic with your spouse or partner every day?
  2. Are you feeling anxious and stressed to the point of crying, shaking, or other physical symptoms?
  3. Are you feeling helpless, hopeless, unworthy, or so low that you don’t feel you can get up in the morning?

If your answer is yes to any of those questions, the best therapist in Lucknow recommends you give us a call or get in touch online.

Our Services Include

Relationship counseling – Over time, many couples find that their relationship changes because of influences from everyday life, like getting a new job, children, or differing responsibilities. These changes have the potential to place a greater strain on your relationship. Disagreements and fights will happen in all relationships; however if you feel withdrawn, angry, tense, or that the love you previously had for the spouse is fading. 

There are a number of common reasons that couples will seek out relationship counseling with the lady psychologist in Lucknow are 

  • Relationship breakdown, including separation and divorce
  • Regular fights on small issues
  • Infidelity
  • Fear of commitment/intimacy
  • Lack of trust

Child counseling – Raising children is one of the best and most difficult tasks that parents do in their life. Most children have small behavioral issues like occasional arguments or tantrums. In case your children are continually disruptive, distracted, angry, and agitated, there might be more to the story. Although it is not possible to cure every behavioral condition, therapy is available, which will help reduce the impact on sufferers. The best psychology doctor in Lucknow takes a tailored approach to each and every client. We delve deep into the issues that your child is currently facing.

Sleep Therapy – A good night’s rest is often overlooked and unconsidered until it starts to impact normal day-to-day functioning. Struggling to sleep can lead to an array of secondary impacts, as sleep is critically important for both our physical and mental recovery and functioning. Sleep deprivation can affect mood, increase anxiety, lead to depression, irritability, and impatience. It also impairs physical performance and memory and makes mistakes more likely to happen. There are a number of problems that fall under the sleep issues umbrella and can have varying effects on mental and physical health. The top psychologists in Lucknow love to help you move forward in building better sleep habits and getting to the root cause of the issue. So take your first step to more positive sleep outcomes and book an appointment today with Dr. Neha Mehta.

Sex Therapy – At Dr. Neha Mehta, we understand that it can be extremely difficult coping with issues around sexual dysfunction and other conditions that you may not feel comfortable speaking about with friends or family. It leads to anxiety and contributes to diminished mental health that can affect other aspects of your daily life. The sessions we provide are confidential, and our team will find an individualized approach to gaining clearer insights for every patient. The best counselor in Lucknow works together with you to address and overcome any issues that may come on an individual basis and improve the long-term mental health issues associated with sexual problems and disorders.  

Why Choose The Best Psychology Doctor in Lucknow?

Our team focused on equipping you with necessary practical life skills that are grounded in psychological principles. Increasing your happiness and wellbeing is the main goal of the best therapist in Lucknow.

Each of our team members works collaboratively with our clients to help resolve dilemmas, build strength, and improve confidence & resilience. We support and help our clients to reach their goals and create the life they want for themselves.

We believe that relationships are the primary cause of happiness. Helping to make your relationships successful is at the heart of what we do.

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