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Best Psychologist in Faridabad

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Counseling Psychologist in Faridabad| Top Psychologists in Faridabad

Everyone experiences difficulties and setbacks at some point in their lives. Life can be a bumpy road. Working with our counseling psychologist in Faridabad can enable you to deal with these issues more easily and constructively and gain a greater understanding of yourself, your behaviors and thinking patterns, and limiting beliefs and enhance your sense of well-being and life satisfaction.

You look around and wonder how everyone else simply thrives at life while you constantly feel defeated. Time after time, you’ve worried about the future, regretted the past, and somehow let the present slip away. Your soul is exhausted and overwhelmed. All you want is to feel like yourself again.

You want to truly enjoy time with friends and family. You’re ready to feel confident, calm, and most of all – happy. If you are suffering from mental health issues that are starting to take over your everyday life, then you need to consult a psychologist.

If you are looking for a compassionate, understanding, versatile, and the best therapist in Faridabad able to understand your complex situation, Dr. Neha Mehta is ready to help you find solutions customized just for you.

How Can The Best Psychology Doctor in Faridabad Help You?

All those, who might be experiencing feelings of depression, anger, stress, and anxiety, you are not alone. There are several people who might have faced sticky situations and setbacks at some point in their lives. Working with the best psychologist in Faridabad could help those dealing with such issues more easily and effectively. It can also help to gain a greater understanding of self, their behavioral and thinking patterns, and most all to boost their sense of well-being and enjoy a happy life.

Our registered clinical psychologist, having 10+ years of experience working as a therapist, can help you in resolving your life’s problems in a caring and supportive way. We offer counseling for a wide range of problems, which include –

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Child counseling
  • Marriage counseling
  • Relationship counseling
  • Sleeping disorder

All those suffering from various issues need to consult a registered psychologist who is devoted to helping people overcome their life’s challenges. Experienced and registered psychologists can take good care of individual needs by utilizing a wide range of proven clinical interventions. 

Our lady psychologist in Faridabad is focused on propelling their patient’s potential and well-being. We can provide a wide range of services for the treatment and prevention of different sorts of mental disorders. 

By taking a clinical, educational and family-oriented approach, Dr. Neha Mehta can offer expertise in child and adolescent counseling, life coaching, marriage counseling, psychological consultancy for behavioral therapy for both children and adults, parenting counseling, and much more. 

The best therapist in Faridabad use proven techniques and positive psychology to help our patients lead normal and meaningful lives. Irrespective of what the problem is, be it depression, anxiety, self-destruction, or any other problem one is suffering from, our psychologists can help their patients to gain skills and strategies to overcome them. The best counselor in Faridabad can assist patients in achieving their goals and boosting their mental well-being, using positive psychology techniques, and focus on how they can improve and perform at their peak.

It can be helpful to work with our professional who has spent many years acquiring skills and expertise through extensive university training and who is able to work with you in a way that enables you to deal with the “emotional aspects” of life’s challenges. 

Our intention is to create a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental atmosphere to begin exploring options for issues you might have been living with for a while. Unconditional positive regard, yet gentle confrontation, along with collaborative efforts on both your part and mine, can create change.

Services of Top Psychologists in Faridabad

Relationship / Couples Counseling – Most couples experience difficulties in their relationships at some stage in their lives. Problems are often too difficult to work through on your own. Working with the best psychologist in Jalandhar to improve your relationship can be one of the most satisfying things you and your partner can do. The benefits of a satisfying and fulfilling relationship can be achieved by working individually or in couples.

  • Unresolved Conflict
  • Relationship dissatisfaction
  • Sexual issues
  • Difficult family relationships; Parenting
  • Parenting after separation; Step-Parenting
  • Difficulties communicating
  • Managing children’s difficult behavior

Child Counseling – We can help parents understand how their children are feeling and coping when there is conflict or difficulty in the family. Every child is unique and can be significantly impacted by conflict. The best psychology doctor in Jalandhar assists parents in creating the best environment for their children in difficult circumstances. We work towards promoting academic, emotional, and behavioral accomplishments. We use the skills to evaluate students’ psychology so as to promote the latter’s academic and learning capabilities.

  • Parents attend a counseling session with their child for an assessment.
  • In our consultation session, the child is encouraged and supported to explore their experience. They are not asked to make family decisions.
  • Feedback session is arranged with parents.

Sex Counseling – In sex therapy, we work with couples and individuals who have sex issues. The issues can range from childhood trauma, abuse, neglect, or intimacy to sexual concerns such as feelings or function. It is a helpful way for adults, regardless of sexual orientation, age, or gender, to work through their problems. In particular, sex therapy is an important part of the recovery process for many people who have struggled with sex addiction. The best counselor in Faridabad help resolve their concerns about 

  • Sexual desire or arousal
  • Sexual interests or orientation
  • Compulsive sexual behavior
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Ejaculating too quickly (premature ejaculation)
  • Trouble reaching orgasm
  • Painful intercourse
  • Intimacy issues related to a disability or chronic condition

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