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How to Improve Speaking Skills in Child – Improve English Speaking Skills of Your Child

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In today’s world, knowing how to improve speaking skills in child and speaking English has become crucial. Speakable English is increasingly becoming a prerequisite in children’s education in India as fluency and linguistic proficiency become increasingly important. Because there is a high likelihood of success, the early years are vital for learning a language different than one’s mother tongue. Children who begin speaking English at a young age have a propensity to become outstanding speakers as they get older, making them more effective. Here are some strategies you can use to help your child communicate in English more effectively while also keeping in mind how to be a good parent, from promoting reading to help your child learn the language better to straightforward tips like teaching your child phrases over single words.

1. Create A Reading Habit

Establishing a reading habit is one of the things you can do. You can only accomplish this by giving your youngster books that reflect his interests. It might be a simple motivational storybook with inspiring tales and valuable lessons, or it could be about their favorite fictional character. One of the best ways for understanding how to improve communication skills in children is to get newspapers and magazines for your child to read if he enjoys staying current on news and events. Make time to read when you’re sitting with your child. Language skills can also be developed through nighttime reading with your child. Building vocabulary will be aided by every other page being colored with images, using straightforward language, and using repeating terms.

2. Encourage Them To Talk In English At Home

The majority of your kid’s time is spent at home. Parents serve as their students’ very first teachers. As a result, when they are at home, a lot of talking can take place. Instructing and receiving responses from their children in English is something that parents can do to answer their dilemma of how to motivate child to learn English. Play games like hide-and-seek, dress-up, cooking, and other common ones at home while speaking English. If the kids are shying away or hesitating in talking to you as a result of some incident then take help of child counseling as soon as possible so that you can understand your kid better and help them holistically. Alternatively stated, allow children to acquire English in the same manner as they study their native tongue. The ability to communicate in public in English will grow in confidence as a result.

3. Ask Questions About Their Day

Ask Questions
Ask Questions About Your Child’s Day

The best time to do this is right before bed or dinner. Understand how to be a good parent and ask your child open-ended questions about their day so they can reflect and respond instead of just answering Yes or No. You can choose and prepare questions. To prevent your child from developing the habit of consistently providing the same response, make sure to ask diverse questions each day rather than the same one. Make this process a daily habit if your child is not interested in school as asking questions about their day at school can make them enjoy their time at school so they can come home and answer your questions. The results you will see are enormous in improving the communication skills of children, and it won’t even take ten minutes to do this daily. Examples of questions include: What was the highlight of your day? Whom and how did you help today? What occurred today that you could have handled differently and how?

4. Enjoy Movie Saga Along With A Trivia

Enjoy Movie Saga
Enjoy Movie Saga Along With A Trivia

It’s fun to watch movies, but it’s also one of the most terrific method to expand your kid’s vocabulary in English and activities to improve English speaking skills. But viewing movies alone won’t help you hone the kid’s English language abilities. You should include your youngster in a discussion as well. Interspersing inquiries will help achieve the goal. After the movie, ask your youngster the definitions of the new words they heard. together, look them up in the dictionary. Ask them to describe the scene that most inspired them, the scene that they thought was the funniest, and the character that they related to the most and why. These engaging questions will enable your youngster to generate ideas and then articulate them clearly by improving the communication skills of children.

5. Watch English-language Cartoons With Your Kids

Cartoons With Your Kids
Watch English-language Cartoons With Your Kids

Nowadays, thanks to technology, you may change the language of the TV programs you want to watch. You might choose to see cartoons in English as an activity to improve English speaking skills of kids because children enjoy watching them.  It’s possible that kids won’t feel at ease with it right away, but eventually, they’ll find it interesting. By listening to simple English sentences, they will eventually gain communication abilities and help you establish command over the communication skills of children. Videos are another excellent way to instill a strong command of the language because there are so many internet resources available for kids that are entertaining and informative and help them get better at the language. It draws your youngster in while educating them on the language thanks to its factors affecting concentration such as appealing images and upbeat music.

6. Stream English Music

An excellent mood-healer is music. People like to tune in to their favorite tunes to discover peace of mind because it has a big impact on everyone. Listening to English music with your kids is the best activity to improve English speaking skills in kids. You should select to listen to English music above other languages, just as we advised you to choose to watch TV in English. The songs follow a rhythm that is repetitious and simple to learn. Songs are especially quickly recalled by children. You can encourage English speaking for kids by making them listen to fun English rhymes and songs. They can improve their vocabulary and learn how to pronounce new words by listening to these tunes.

How Should Parents Correct Kids When They Make A Mistake While Speaking

English speaking for kids is difficult for many children. Some kids are reserved. Some children don’t want to commit mistakes. So try to understand the behavior of children and deal with them kindly and patiently. By fostering a pleasant and supportive environment at home, you can aid in your child’s development of self-assurance. Educate them on the fact that making mistakes is a necessary and common component of learning a language. All people occasionally make errors; it’s how we learn.

How to Improve Speaking Skills in Child
How Should Parents Correct Kids

If your youngster isn’t yet ready to speak, don’t pressurize them or express disappointment. One of the biggest parenting mistakes to avoid is to not correct every error your child makes, and avoid scolding them when correcting them if you wish to discipline them. Say the word or sentence correctly and ask them to repeat it after you have waited until they have finished speaking. Saying “Not like that” or “It’s wrong” is inappropriate. As an alternative, you could say “Listen…” or “Let’s try again.”


Your support and encouragement are the first things your child needs to develop any ability, including when you help convey how to improve speaking skills in child. You don’t need any special teaching abilities or knowledge to carry out any of the above-mentioned approaches with your kids. They are all uncomplicated, affordable, and simple to carry out. You may help your kids overcome their fear of public speaking with a little bit of patience and teach them to appreciate speaking English. You can also seek language disability counseling for your kid if these strategies or other tactics don’t work at home. Regardless of how well or poorly he speaks English, you should know how to motivate child to learn English and be patient and encourage your youngster. Believe me when I say that your love and encouraging words to your child mean more than anything else.


1. What prevents a child from speaking clearly?

Oral-motor issues are common in children with speech impairments. When there is a problem in the parts of the brain that control speech, these occur. This makes it challenging to coordinate the jaw, lips, and tongue to produce speech sounds.

2. What causes speech slurring?

Any number of conditions, such as mental retardation, hearing loss, expressive language impairment, psychosocial deprivation, elective mutism, receptive aphasia, autism, and cerebral palsy, can cause a delay in speech development. 

3. How can parents support their children while they learn languages?

The communication skills of children and their linguistic development are greatly influenced by parents. According to studies, young children who are read to and spoken to frequently have a broader vocabulary and better grammar than those who aren’t.

4. Can a mobile device delay speech?

Studies have shown a strong correlation between the usage of mobile media devices and expressive speech delay, a condition in which a kid may grasp and comprehend but is unable to communicate.

5. How can educators assist students who struggle with language?

If you want to acquire comprehension, be ready to teach anything in a variety of ways. To artistically transfer ideas, use technology as a tool. In exercises for pairs and groups, promote interaction and dialogue. To encourage English speaking for kids, use games, songs, and rhymes.

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