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Stress in student’s life has a clear definition – “EXAMS”. If you think only toppers develops stress for exams. You are wrong every kid has fear of exams, difference only is toppers has self conscious fear but average ones and low scores has fear imposed by their teachers and their parents. In both scenarios, child’s suffers internally resulting in behavioural changes in kids which could be among following.

  • Feeling confused about syllabus, course entitlement, how to study, how to score well and schedule setting.
  • Losing touch with friends, schools usually throw preparatory leaves for self preparation. Similarly institutes do so. Kids feel lonely losing contact with friends. Even parents also restrict kids to set at home and study.
  • Being moody or how one of the most common behaviour disturbance in kids.
  • Trouble making decision regarding scheduling.
  • Lack of motivation to study.
  • Losing self confidence that I will achieve good result or not.
  • Sleep issues, appetite loss, constipation, headache, restlessness.

These are some minor issues kids undergo, but if signs pursues for longer period, exam stress guidance counseling is what is highly recommended by Exam Stress Counselor in Hisar.

20 Success Mantra for Schools

MY FIT BRAIN is the leading counseling centre at Hisar, aims at relieving kids from fear of failure in life. Career Counseling in Hisar, Child Clinical Counseling in Hisar, Child Psychologist In Hisar, IQ Assessment in Hisar, ADHD Treatment in Hisar are the others prominent services for child welfare.

Dr. Neha Mehta is the youngest Psychologist working for child development and is being appraised highly by the parents of Hisar in her journey for providing positive mental health for kids in Hisar.

According to Dr Mehta’s views, stress always has fear attracted related to like

“I might fail”

“I am not prepared”

 “I will not be able to achieve position like first, second, third, etc”

“What will my relatives think?”

“My parents are pressurizing me”.

And many more…….

These questions make vicious circle in child’s mind doing turbulence in study zone. Even overconfidence in kid for exam performance is a big headache for parents.

Concentration essential for life

Exam Stress Busters Counseling at My Fit Brain:

Exam Performance = Hard work + Time Management + Self Confidence

Relieving exam stress is a systematic counseling procedure aiming at ruling out signs of stress counseling starts with individual session. Child and Therapist moving to Parenteral Counseling Sessions (i.e. part of family therapy). Then according to the analysis, counseling proceeds in confidence building or time management session. Dr Neha prefers home visits in Hisar of kid doesn’t wishes to visit and meet psychologist near them.

Dr Mehta’s strategy behind ruling their stress out is building self confidence in them and guiding them on the path of deserved performance in school. My Fit Brain Clinic is has two separated chambers one with parental counseling where therapist talks separately with parents too for knowing their views without letting kid know.

So, if your kid undergoes subsequent fear in exam days, MY FIT BRAIN is the right place in Hisar to get connected with.


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