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Does Social Media Causes Breakup ? Know the Reality

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There are many ups and downs in a relationship and so there are many different reasons as well. But does social media causes breakup? This is the question we will be dealing with in this article. Social media platforms have been in use a lot these days. People spend most of their time scrolling and reading feeds on social media which does not put any useful insight in their minds but instead eats up their time. People forget why is true love important in your life and end up losing it mainly because they spend their time on social media. So, let’s look at ways social media ruins relationship

Does social media causes breakup ?

It is one of the most curious questions: does social media causes breakup? Social media is a technology that functions as an interactive platform but can this platform become the cause of the breakup? There are many mistakes that destroy your relationship and one of them is letting social media take the topmost position in your life. Relationships are not about one-way communication but they require the efforts of both partners.

Social media can influence its users and control their thoughts and emotions. It has the power to consume the time of others which they might be spending on something else. So, yes social media do have the potential to bring chaos in relationships. But what are the circumstances which bring the relationship to the road of its end? We will be looking at the ways social media ruins relationship

Breakup of couples due to social media
Does Social Media Causes Breakup ? Know the Reality 9

How social media causes breakup ?

We are now aware of the answer to: does social media causes breakup or not. Social media has the potential to cause breakups. A relationship is the name of efforts, when both partners do not put the same efforts into building the foundation of the relationship then it tends to fall. You must prioritize your relationship before any other things as it helps in strengthening the relationship. But people let social media slide in between their relationships. We will now be looking at how do social media leads to breakup. What are the different ways in which social media hampers the couple who are head over heels.

1. It is time-consuming

One of the ways social media ruins relationship is that it is time-consuming. Many times couples spend their time on social media rather than giving that time to their partners. It is usually the time they should be giving to their partners that they spend scrolling on social media. This decreases communication and they spend less time with each other which leads to a decrease in love and spark in the relationship. It also builds up stress and tension in relationships. This is how social media cause breakup by breaking communication. You can go for couple counseling to resolve the issues occurring in your relationship but you must understand communication is necessary. 

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Does Social Media Causes Breakup ? Know the Reality 10

2. Leads you to an imaginary world

Many people wonder over: is social media reason for breakup or not. It can be one of the reasons for the same. Social media leads you to an imaginary world. The reality of real life is different from what is seen on social media sites. People see happy couples and different types of couple goals which leaves them in the imaginary world where all the relationships are seemingly happy forever. This makes them think that their relationship will always be happy like those on social media. You must make a distinction between real and reel. You can take the soothe-up capsule by Nature Mania to calm yourself down and think rationally. It will help you decide: can the use of social media cause breakup

3. Increases jealousy and doubts

Among all other ways social media ruins relationship, one of the ways is that it increases jealousy and doubts in the relationship. Social media is a platform where everyone updates what is happening in their life, they post pictures and reconnect with each other. Many times one of the partners gets jealous by looking at the pictures of their partners with other people of opposite genders. Jealousy is a common symptom of love. It is one of the weaknesses of every girl in love where they get easily jealous. Limited jealousy is not harmful however social media raises it to the height where it becomes harmful. This is how social media cause breakup

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4. Influence your relationship

The most common question: do social media leads to breakup depends on how you use it, whether you control it or does it control you? Social media has a big role in influencing what we think. Watching couples on social media influences the thought process and makes us think that relationships are an easygoing process. It influences us to set unrealistic goals and it causes chaos in relationships. It also causes anxiety as you become desperate to fulfill your goals. You can go for anxiety counseling to stop yourself from different social media influences. So now you know: can the use of social media cause breakup.

Social media influence your relationship
Does Social Media Causes Breakup ? Know the Reality 12

5. Increases negative thoughts

Another way in which social media causes breakups is that it increases negative thinking. Almost everything is available on social media. If it has happy-go merry relationships then it also has breakup stories and heart-wrenching endings. It breaks negative thoughts and causes the couple to imagine negativity in their relationship. So, it does give the idea that: is social media reason for breakup. It lets the partner forcefully imagine the issues in their relationship even if it does not exist and harms mental health. Many people ponder: is social media bad for mental health? Yes, it disrupts our thinking capacity and fills us with things that might not even happen in reality. This is also one of the reasons for breakup

6. Shifts your focus

So, do social media leads to breakup? It has the potential to shift your focus and attention. Social media can shift your tension from your most important work or your partner to the feet and reel on the contents present in it. Couples stop intimating with each other as their focus shifts to social media. Just knowing why kissing is important is not enough but spending quality time is also important. This is also one of the reasons for breakup. When communication stops and the partners are into less physical, emotional, or mental intimacy with each other, the connection between them breaks which causes breakup and this happens because couples pay more attention to social media than to each other. 

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How to avoid breakup because of social media?

So, now you already know: does social media causes breakup? Social media has both pros and cons, it depends on how one uses it. Though there are many negative effects of social media, knowing how to save a broken relationship that is caused by social media depends on both partners. Lack of time and communication is one of the biggest reasons for a breakup. 

how to Avoid breakup because of social media
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Both partners should decide on the time they spend with each other and also how much they spend on social media. Both should communicate with each other and set realistic goals to fulfill with each other. Don’t let yourself slide down with the love that is showered on social media. Learn to differentiate between reality and reel life. Know that whatever is shown on social media is not true and that real life is behind the cameras. This will help you avoid breakups and also build a strong relationship with your partner. Therefore now, it must be clear whether: is social media reason for breakup. Social media should be used with precaution to avoid any chances of miscommunication or misunderstanding in your relationship.

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By now you must have got to know: do social media leads to breakup? It can be one of the reasons for breakup but limiting the use of social media can avoid the circumstances that can cause breakup. It depends on the partners whether they let social media come in between their relationships or not. One of the most debated questions is: is social media reason for breakup? Many people deny it as social media helps them release their stress and also many people find their partners on social media sites which leaves the people confused. Social media is not bad but overusing it brings stress and anxiety in relationships. 


1. What are the negative effects of social media?

There are many side effects of social media. It is not only concerned with how social media cause breakup but also the other side effects of the same. Among the negative effects of social media, are that it causes stress, FOMO, disillusionment, and people compare themselves with influencers or others and feel bad about their looks and bodies. Further, it is time-consuming and shifts the focus of individuals from studies or work into scrolling. 

2. How to avoid and limit the use of social media?

Keeping in view the negative effects of social media, it is always favorable that one uses social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Omegle, etc. You can apply a time limit to your social media apps like for half an hour, or one hour each day, and when it exceeds then the app closes automatically. You can also fix your routine and use the apps only when your schedule allows you. Further, you can deactivate your account to control the urge and when you think you control yourself you can activate it again.

3. What are the ways to avoid a breakup?

There are numerous ways to avoid a breakup. First, you must always communicate with your partner. Even if you are angry with each other you must still communicate and resolve the issues. Try to go on dates and reignite the spark in your relationship. Learn to apologize and take responsibility for your mistakes. Give each other time and try to be present for each other not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. Don’t let misunderstandings develop between you two.

4. What are the potential causes of breakup?

One of the potential reasons for breakup can be a lack of proper communication. When partners don’t talk to each other and communicate their feelings it leads to the development of misunderstanding which can lead to a breakup. Also when partners don’t give each other enough time, don’t go on dates, or let the spark die, it can cause a breakup. Having love or trust is not enough but being with each other emotionally, physically, and mentally is also important. 

5. How to know social media is affecting relationships?

Understanding how social media cause breakup requires observation. When you give the time you spend with your partner to your social media. Then it is the signs that social media is consuming your relationship. It shifts your focus from your partner to reels, posts, and memes. It is not prohibited to use social media but if it takes up most of your time then it is not useful. It influences your decision which can also affect your relationship. Like this, there are different ways in which social media affects relationships.

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