Mental Health Day 10 October

Shut The Stigma


With the Developing India, Mental Illnesses are also increasing
Hence, the set taboos too.
According to WHO, globally, over 450 millions suffers from Mental Disorders each year.

It is the most common illness which almost everyone goes through in lives, but are least understood by society and the reason is
leading to wrong or no treatment hence, increasing pain of sufferer.
So it’s the high time to raise voice against myths in the society.
10 October- National Mental Health Day.
My Fit Brain is starting an initiative to aware and bump on the stigmas in society.
10 Days, 10 Different Locations,
10 Different types of Audience.
1000 Different views with 1 goal to “SHUTTER THE STIGMAS”.
Join our hands and catch us Live daily.
Your views and opinions are welcome!
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