ADHD Treatment in Hisar Haryana | Diet for ADHD Kid


Most of the parents having ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) child doesn’t accept the fact that diet modification can help in controlling the symptoms.

ADHD is the neurodevelopmental disorder commonly known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder that affects the child’s capacity to control his/her behaviour. Impulsivity, hyperactivity, poor concentrations are three basic symptoms pointing towards ADHD.  Are you searching for Best ADHD Treatment in Hisar Haryana.

YES! Therapies like Occupational Therapy, Behavior Modification Session and some medications can treat ADHD but choosing the right diet will bring marvelous results. Best Child Psychologist in Hisar at My Fit Brain.


  • Foods to Avoid

Choosing the right food can help you to control the energy volcano in your kids. Healthy, simple and natural diets are the best food to build child immunity and combacting the exacerbation of hyperactivity.

  • Sugars

Sugar is a big NO-NO! Although taking sugar in diet doesn’t let to ADHD but over usage of sugars in diet can make kid restless, irritable, frustrated and poor attention span. Some parents ask me, “Shall we go for substitute”. Yes, natural substitute like honey, jiggery are allowed but in less quantity. So avoid it!

  • Toffees / Sugar Candies:

As they have high amount of artificial sweeteners and colors.

  • Energy Drinks and Soft Drinks

They are next name to overloaded sugar intake. A small coke has 8 spoons of sugar in it. ‘NO’ to the sweeteners, colors, artificial fizz and caffeine content for our kid. Even for every age Soda’s and drinks should be always be in limit.

  • Juices

Frooti and fresh natural homemade juices are YES, but packaged ones has high amount of sugar to make its taste appealing.

  • Artificial Sweeteners

This was what I was pointing before like Stevia Sugar Free or any brand should be avoided.

  • Chocolates and Cocoa

They have high sugar content consumption will only worsen symptoms.

  • Packaged Food

One of the kid’s favorite foods like chips, cakes, pastries, crackers and lots more. Parents feel less burdened in making food so now-a-days. Inclination towards packaged food has increased these days. But, foods contains artificial salts, additives can stimulate the sugar transmitters.

  • Fast Food & Ice Creams

They may contain food dyes, additives and they are potentially harmful for kids of all age.

  • Meat

Meat especially Red is often known to worsen symptoms of hyperactivity better to replace the protein content with healthier intake like fishes, chicken, egg etc.

  • Some other Foods

Every kid has different reaction to different food. There are many food choices that can make symptoms worsen depending on kids to kids.

  • Diary Products: Curd, cheese, ice cream
  • Corn, peanuts etc.

If you are also concern with your ADHD Kid diet . Get connected to Best Child Psychologist in Hisar, She will help you maintaining a diet chart for your kids.


  • Protein Intake

Proteins are building block to our body and are the basis to our hormones. Neurotransmitter helps neurons to communicate and transfer the messages in your brain. Dopamine is responsible for building force and Serotonin Therapies sleep and hunger predominantly. These balances are important in consulting ADHD.

Sources of protein are Chicken, fish, eggs, pulses, spinach, dry fruits, etc.

  • Carbohydrate Balance

Opt foods with low Glycemic Index which is responsible for balancing sugar level in blood. Opt for complex carbohydrate having good fibers and less sugar.

Like: Kiwi, Apple, Pear etc.

Limit: Chico, Grapes, Muskmelon


  • Vitamin B

B6 is beneficial to our body. Take food like Banana, Spinach, Carrots, and Bathua etc.

  • Vitamin C

Fruits having citrus acid contains Amla, Strawberry, Orange, etc.

  • Minerals like deficiency of Zinc (Zn) and Magnesium (Mg) can regulate symptoms of ADHD.


When I took session of kids with ADHD, I always advice parents to send Lunch Box along with. So that they develop habit of having food themselves.

ADHD Kids  usually has small span to sit at one place, so they exhaust more and usually eat more but on frequent shifts. So, rather putting them on finger foods prepare home food in attractive way.

  • Like in place of Cake make Idlis, homemade jaggery cake etc.
  • In place of juice drinks go for homemade juices and shakes etc.
  • In place of candies, chips, chocolate, go for fruits like bananas, kiwi, and watermelon.
  • Chips can be replaced by homemade chips, like sabutdana papad, suji rusk, homemade pasta, etc.
  • A sandwich, chapati, paranthas, roti wraps, rolls, homemade pakoras are allowed happily.
  • While travelling goes for dry fruits, homemade biscuits like atta biscuit, matthi, papad, etc.

In case you have already started with the foods to avoid. No matter if your kid throw foods, don’t eat, keep on working.


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